Printed Visitor Badges

Make your guests visible with a printed name badge. Use your digital check-in solution and have your guests fill out their own badge.

Man holding up printed visitor tag, with his name on.

How does it work?

What happens when your guests arrive?


Announce Arrival

When guests arrive at your company, they announce their arrival on the digital check-in screen.


Fill out information

As part of their check-in process, guests need to fill out their information, such as name, phone number, email address, and/or who they are visiting.

ID card

Hadn out Name Tag

Using the guest's information, your check-in solution can automatically print a name badge that the guest can wear.

Why use name badges?

Using name badges is a good way to indicate whether a person is a guest in your company.

By clearly showing who the guests are, your employees know to smile a bit extra and help give the guests a good experience.

In some cases, names or guest badges may also be necessary for security reasons.

With a Q-Cal Visitor Management solution, you can either connect a printer and issue printed name badges or use a digital name badge like Vianomo.

Vianomo name tag


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