Employee Search

Integrate your employee database and have guests search for and notify the employee they are visiting, without the use of a receptionist.

A Q-Cal Visitor Management solution displaying different employees.

Why use the Employee Search Feature?

Enhanced Visitor Experience
Navigating large office environments can be daunting for visitors. The Employee Search feature simplifies this process by enabling guests to quickly locate the correct employee from a searchable directory. This user-friendly functionality ensures a smooth and efficient check-in experience, reducing stress and confusion for your visitors.

Accurate Notifications
By choosing the right employee through the Employee Search feature, visitors ensure that their host is immediately notified of their arrival. This prompt notification helps employees prepare for their meetings, providing a professional and timely welcome for guests. It minimizes waiting times and ensures that visitors are greeted promptly, enhancing the overall visitor experience.

Streamlined Operations
The Employee Search feature reduces the administrative burden on reception staff. With visitors able to independently find and notify their hosts, receptionists can focus on other important tasks, improving overall efficiency and productivity in the front office.

ABOUT Employee Search
This feature aims to make it easy for guests to locate and notify their host.


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