Enhance Visitor Management with NordicScreen's Mobile Check-In

In today’s fast-paced digital environment, businesses are constantly on the lookout for technologies that streamline operations and enrich the customer experience. NordicScreen is introducing a mobile check-in solution designed to enhance your visitor management. This addition leverages QR code technology, offering an agile and efficient alternative to traditional check-in methods.

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Introducing Mobile Check-In: A Seamless Solution

NordicScreen’s latest enhancement allows guests to check in by simply scanning a QR code displayed in your lobby or any strategic location. This mobile check-in solution, integrated with a Q-Cal Visitor management solution, caters to the growing demand for contactless, streamlined processes that accommodate high volumes of guests without the need for physical interaction.

Smartphone illustrating how a mobile check-in would look like.
Billboard sign directing you to mobile check-in and a spartphone displaying the first part of the check-in process.

How It Transforms Your Visitor Management

  • Mobile Check-In System: Our solution transforms any smartphone into a mobile check-in terminal, facilitating a quick and secure process for visitors.

  • QR Code Check-In: By scanning a QR code, visitors are directed to a mobile-friendly interface where they can complete the check-in process, mirroring the efficiency of using a physical kiosk.

  • Digital Visitor Management: Enhance your digital footprint with a solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing visitor management system, ensuring a consistent and fluid experience for both guests and hosts.

  • Efficient Guest Registration: Reduce wait times and eliminate bottlenecks, allowing multiple guests to check in simultaneously with minimal effort and maximum speed.

Seamless Integration, Endless Possibilities

NordicScreen’s mobile check-in seamlessly integrates with our comprehensive check-in solutions, maintaining the simplicity and effectiveness of our systems. Whether your visitors prefer to use the physical screen or their mobile devices, the experience remains consistent, ensuring your business is equipped for any scenario.

3 smartphones with different mobile check-in designs.


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