As a partner, you are a part of the NordicScreen family. As part of our partner network, we want to help you create the best solutions for your customers. That is why we have gathered several tools for you to use when promoting our integrated solutions.

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Digital Signage

Sometimes a picture says more than words. That is why we have gathered some materials to assist you, when you create the perfect signage solution for all your customers.

Have a look at the materials.

Meeting Room

A conference room scheduling solution can change a company’s way of using its meeting facilities.

We have gathered some materials for you to use when telling your customers why the need this solution.

Vistor Management

 We have gathered some materials for you to help your customers greet their guests in style.

We always recommend you consult with us when building a visitor management solution.


Building a brand is hard. Therefore, we would greatly appreciate it if you help us stick to our visual identity by using the correct versions of our visual elements when mentioning us.


Answers to some frequently asked questions.

When you are onboarding a new customer, you need to create their Q-Play account. This is done under Admin - Distributor in Q-Play.

Read the full guide: Creating a new Q-Play account (New customer)

Q-Play is a collaborative tool, so when you want to add users to a Q-Play account, you need to go to User Menu and then Account Settings.
Read the full guide: Create a new user in Q-Play

Share the work and ensure nobody messes with something they are not supposed to.

Read the guide: How to create user roles in Q-Play

Add more players to your account. Go to PlayControl and add all the players you want.

Read the complete guide: How to add a new player to PlayControl

Turn your Sony Screen into a digital sign by downloading the Q-Play app from Google Play Store.

Read the complete guide and learn how: Q-Play on a Sony Screen (Google Play Store)

Download the Android player and turn your Sony screen into a signage solution.

Read the complete guide here: Get Q-Play on a Sony screen (APK File)

Use your LG screen as a digital signage solution.

Please read the guide to learn how you set it up: Q-play on LG Devices

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