Parking Registration

Getting a parking ticket is no fun. Avoided it by having your visitor management system integrate with Apcoa or Q-Park.

VIsitor management screen displaying parking registration and placed in company lobby.

How does it work

How do you register your parking, when arriving at the company?

Press Parking

Make it a part of the check-in process at the visitor management screen greeting your guests, or simply add a Parking button to the design of the screen.

Enter information

As a guest, you enter your phone number and your license plate number to register that you have parked your vehicle in the parking lot.

You’re good to go

Now that your guest has registered their vehicle, they can enjoy their stay at your company without worrying about getting a parking ticket.

Why have Parking Registration

With Parking Registration as part of your self-service check-in system, you provide a better experience for your guests and remove the worry of getting a parking ticket.

You make it easy for both guests and potentially also employees to safely park at your company. At the same time, you might even save some money on having to print parking vouchers or time by not having to run to the car and move it during the day.

The parking registration feature integrates with both Apcoa and Q-Park

Combine with …

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Carrier Feature

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Custom Design

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