Parking Registration

Getting a parking ticket is no fun. Avoided it by having your visitor management system integrate with Apcoa or Q-Park.

VIsitor management screen displaying parking registration and placed in company lobby.

How does it work

How do you register your parking, when arriving at the company?

Why have Parking Registration

With Parking Registration as part of your self-service check-in system, you provide a better experience for your guests and remove the worry of getting a parking ticket.

You make it easy for both guests and potentially also employees to safely park at your company. At the same time, you might even save some money on having to print parking vouchers or time by not having to run to the car and move it during the day.

The parking registration feature integrates with both Apcoa and Q-Park

Integration options

Q-Park logo on white background.

Get the perks of the Q-Park system directly on your visitor management solution. Increase security and decrease the risk of tickets while making parking registration easy.

How to set up a Q-Park integration

APCOA logo on white background.

Use the APCOA parking system and streamline your visitor management process. Decrease the risk of parking tickets and make parking registration an integrated part of your check-in.

How to set up an APCOA integration

Combine with …


Answers to some frequently asked questions.

A Visitor Management system, also known as a self-service check-in system, lets guests check themselves in and notify you of their arrival.

A Visitor Management system consists of a touchscreen placed in the lobby with software developed for visitor management. The system then lets your employee know that a guest has arrived.

A visitor management solution helps you greet guests in a professional and modern manner. A Q-Cal Visitor Management solution can be used in single-office companies and shared office spaces. It is a way to free up resources for your receptionist, or it might function as your digital reception.

There are several benefits of a visitor management solution. The benefits can be everything from fewer disturbances for your employees to freeing up time for the people watching your reception.

By creating your solution by combining the many visitor management features, you also get:

  • The benefits of parking registration directly on your screen
  • A delivery feature assisting in receiving packages
  • A guest registration that helps you know who is in your building in case of emergencies.

Check out all the features available.

A visitor management solution consists of both hardware and software.

To get a better idea of the prices, see the price page to see the price for the software. If you want hardware recommendations, don’t hesitate to contact us.

A visitor management solution is an investment, and often several people are involved in the decision-making process. However, having a good understanding of the issues you want to be solved is a great starting point.

Read the guide How to get started with your visitor management solution, and see where to go from here.


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