Single Company Check-In

Streamline and automate the tasks associated with announcing guests. With a self-registration display in the lobby, you make check-in easy and greet your guests in style.

A lobby with a digital self-registration display for announcing guest arriavals.

How does it work

What happens, when your guest arrives at the check-in?

Why have a Visitor management system

With a visitor management solution in your lobby, you free up resources and decrease confusion.

Your guests will no longer just stand there waiting or get lost trying to find their way around the company. With the self-registration they will be greeted by the person, they actually need to talk to. Providing your guests with a better experience and your employees with fewer disturbances.

Fewer disturbances mean more productive work, freeing up more time and resources. The same goes for your receptionists. Now they know when to be a the reception, and when they can walk around doing other things.

Combine with …


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Q-Play v1

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