Whiteaway Group Optimizes Workspace Efficiency with NordicScreen

By leveraging the potential of a conference room scheduling solution and self-service check-in Whiteaway Group is streamlining its operations and fostering productivity.

Whiteaway Group is an E-commerce and retail business.  They sell goods and premium products to customers all over Scandinavia through a number of online shops and the franchise chains like Skousen and Tretti.

Headquarters: Aarhus, Denmark

Q-Cal Meeting Room Displays
Q-Cal Visitor Management

The Challanges

Whiteaway Group already had conference scheduling displays and self-service check-in. However, due to issues with the hardware, they were looking for a new solution, that allowed them to maintain the advantages of those solutions, while also building on the potential of integration to their Active Directory (AD) and Single Sign On (SSO).

Whiteaway Group Check-in screen on floor mount.
Whiteaway Group Meeting Room disokay_Green LED edge
Meeting Room Display red

Tailoring The Solution

After the initial contact and need clarification a tailored solution was built based on Whiteaways needs.

By combining the existing features in both the Q-Cal Meeting Room Booker software and Q-Cal Visitor Management software Whiteaway and NordicScreens could tailor a comprehensive solution featuring intuitive user interfaces, real-time updates, and seamless integration with Whiteaway’s existing AD infrastructure. 

The benefits

By implementing these solutions, Whiteaway has increased productivity and resource management. The automated conference room scheduling displays optimizes resource allocation and minimizes conflicts, like double-booked meeting rooms. This helps save valuable time for employees and makes Whiteaway’s use of meeting facilities more efficient.

The self-service check-in solution provides a seamless experience for employees and visitors, promoting efficiency. The SSO functionality makes it easy for employees to manage their access to the different systems. The AD integration ensures that all employee information is updated automatically and only current employees are visible at the check-in screen.


Q-Play v2

Q-Play v1


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