Dansk Industri Creates Happy employees with Q-Cal Meeting Room Displays

Industriens Hus is placed in the center of the Danish capital, Copenhagen. Here Dansk Industri is located. Together Dansk Industri and Industriens Hus have been the meeting point for the Danish business community for more than 100 years. The goal of Dansk Industri and the building Industriens Hus is to help create prospering companies in a strong Danish business community. This requires a constant flow of people and events.

Q-Cal Meeting Room Display
Calendar integration to Office 365

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Dansk Industri is one of Denmark’s biggest business organizations. Every day they work on improving the Danish business environment. The goal is to help create prospering businesses in a strong Danish society.

Headquarter: Copenhagen, Denmark
Members: 19.000 (2022)
Employees: 800 (2022)

A Complete Layout and an Awesome Design

In 2020 Dansk Industri contacted NordicScreen and ProShop Europe because they needed a more effective way of managing their meeting facilities. Having a complete layout of the activities taking place in Industriens Hus and the individual meeting room is essential, to have the many meetings and events run smoothly.

At the same time, Dansk Industri needed a solution that suited the modern space of the building. With a Q-Cal Meeting Room Display solution with ProDVX screens, Dansk Industri got a solution that ensured a complete layout of all activities in each meeting room, a solution that provided easy access to meeting facilities, and a solution that made it easy to book meeting facilities. Along with a solution that ensured alignment with the facility’s modern brand.

People bycickling infront of building
Meetingroom Booker Display at Dansk Industri

A Solution for Every Need

Every day a lot of people and companies use the facilities of Dansk Industri. That resulted in challenges where both guests and employees had difficulties finding the right meeting room. And, if you had an ad hoc meeting it was near impossible to find a vacant meeting room for your meeting

With a Q-Cal Meeting Room Display, in the form of a ProDVX screen, mounted outside each meeting room, Dansk Industri had created the perfect overview of their meeting facilities.

On the 10’’ ProDVX touchscreen outside each meeting room, guests and employees can easily see the name of the room, when the room is occupied, and they can start and end their meeting directly on the screen. The LED edge around the screen also makes it possible to spot whether or not the room is vacant based on the edge being either red or green.

Office365 integration

Everyone knows it. In a busy workday, changes are constantly happening. Meetings are changed, canceled, or moved. That is why it was essential for Dansk Industri to integrate their new Q-Cal Meeting Room Display solution with their Office 365 calendar.

With two-way integration, Dansk Industri ensures that their meeting room displays are automatically updated based on changes in their company calendar.

The integration makes it impossible to double book a meeting room because the status of the meeting room is always updated and visible in the company calendar. The awesome start/stop feature on the meeting room display itself ensures that if the “Start Meeting” button, has not been pressed within the first 10 minutes of the meeting’s start time, the meeting room will automatically be displayed as available. Both in the company calendar and on the screen outside the meeting room.

Q-Cal and integration apps
Meetingroom Screen at work at Dansk Industri

The Employees asked for more

After a bit less than a year with the Q-Cal Meeting Room Display in front of just half of their meeting rooms, the employees of Dansk Industri wanted to expand the solution. So after high demand from the employees, Dansk Industri started expanding their solution to the rest of their meeting rooms.

The Q-Cal Meeting Room Display solution provided the employees with a much-needed overview of occupied and vacant meeting facilities. The calendar integration made it easy for the employees to book the rooms and the automatic update ensures that the meeting room displays are always updated. The calendar integration made it easy for the employees to book the rooms and the automatic update ensures that the meeting room displays are always updated. The actual ProDVX screen outside each meeting room made it clear to the employees which meeting room they were standing outside. And the shifting red/green LED edge on the screen made it possible to see whether the room was available or not even from afar.

Due to the demand of the employees, the Dansk Industri Q-Cal Meeting Room Display solution today contains a screen in front of all their 90 meeting rooms. All are located at Industriens Hus in Copenhagen.

A Solution that is Always On

Having invested in a hardware-software solution, only to find out, that the hardware is plagued by a lot of downtimes, is no fun. Luckily that is not the case with Dansk Industri.

The meeting room display solution at Dansk Industri is so reliable because it consists of a hardware-software combination built for each other. The 10” ProDVX screens running this solution are very dependable screens, that rarely require a reboot. The screens are Android bases and the NordicScreen software, included in the Q-Cal Meeting Room Display solution, is built to run on these screens.

This combination of NordicScreen software and ProDVX hardware means, that the meeting room displays at Dansk Industri are always online and require minimal maintenance, which was very important for Dansk Industri when choosing the right solution.

Interactive viewing of Meetingroom Booker Display at Dansk Industri


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