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A company like Visma Dinero has a lot of different statistics scattered across platforms. Keeping track of all these numbers can be a huge hassle. Especially, when you also want to make the numbers easily accessible to the employees.

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Visma Dinero is part of the Visma Group, which is a company that produces products and services within the software, outsourcing, debt collection, and consultant services. Visma Dinero strives to make accounting easy for everyone, also a small businesses, and today more than 77.900 companies already use their platform.

Headquarters: Copenhagen, Denmark
Gross Profit: 75.28 million DKK (2021)
Employees: 80 (2021)

Q-Play provides the complete layout

With a lot of important KPIs and data scattered across different programs and platforms keeping track of everything wasn’t easy.

Dinero decided to collaborate with NordicScreen because Q-Play could help them get the full layout of their important statistics while combining the hardcore numbers with more soft values.

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The process of turning your signage screen in to an auto-updating dashboard.

All Data in One Place

How to keep track of data scattered across platforms? – This was the problem Dinero was facing.

Dinero has a lot of different data scatters across different analysis tools on a vast variety of platforms. Getting the full layout of all the dashboards from the many platforms was a problem, but with Q-Play Digital Signage Dinero was able to put it all together in one place.

The Web Automation app makes it possible for Dinero to sign in to all their different platforms and collect the necessary data to create a signage display with all the essential information.

With DesignTool, Dinero can put together dashboards and other apps to create their very own signage display, which can easily be displayed on several screens distributed throughout the office.

This way Dinero’s essential information can be found on one platform, and with the automatic update feature, they always have the latest numbers right at hand.

Safety First

When dealing with confidential data, data safety is alfa and omega. Being able to securely store their data on their internal network and still display it on their internal signage screens was one of the deciding factors for Dinero when searching for their signage solution.

With Q-Play, Dinero has full control of their data and its safety, while also being able to easily display essential data to their employees.

The time management feature makes it possible for Dinero to control exactly when their Dashboards are visible. At the end of each day, the confidential data is automatically removed from the screens making sure that the data is only visible to those who need it. Outside opening hours Dinero can choose to display other types of content e.g. opening hours or advertisements or they can just let the screen go blank.

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Dashboard from Dinero

Much More Than Just a Dashboard

Dinero chose Q-Play because it can do so much more than just display dashboards. Q-Play has a lot of different features that can be combined however you wish. This played a significant role in Dinero’s choice of the signage software supplier.

Being able to insert local news, videos, weather forecasts, and a lot of other types of information alongside KPI dashboards, just helps make the dashboards more interesting to look at. By combining the many apps and features Q-Play offers Dinero designs a digital sign that supports and contributes to the company culture. Some screen greets guests in the lounge area. while others supply important information to employees.

With the time management features, Dinero controls the content on each screen and automatically adapts it depending on the time of day or the day of the week. Making it very easy to say “Have a nice Weekend” to everyone Friday afternoon.

Manage It All From One Place

By connecting all their signage screens to Q-Play Dinero now have a cloud-based digital signage solution, where they manage all their screens from one place.

From their computer, a selected few of Dinero’s employees can sign in to Q-Play, from anywhere in the world, and change, update, or create designs for the company’s signage screens.

Dinero is in charge of its design and the user-friendly editor makes it possible for Dinero to choose whether or not they want the same content on all screens or different content on each screen.

Other customers choose a solution where our graphic designer helps them create their designs. It is up to you, if you want to design yourself or if you want us to create your design.

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