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A digital signage screen, a meeting room display, and a check-in screen is combined to display a collective solution.

Discover NordicScreen, a suite of software tools designed to streamline operations and enhance engagement.

Digital Signage screen in office with KPI design.

Digital Signage

Share everything from meeting layouts, to KPIs, and much more with a Q-Play digital signage solution.

Q-Play at Office

Q-Cal Booking

Q-Cal Booking makes it easy to coordinate across departments and collaborate with multiple businesses at once.

Meeting room with booking screen

Meeting Room Booker

Streamline your meeting room bookings. Ensures that your meeting rooms are utilized efficiently and effortlessly.

Visitor Management check in screen with red design and being used by a woman.

Visitor Management

Visitor Management makes receiving guests seamless while ensuring a professional first impression.

1. Drag and drop design

Design your screen as you want. If you can handle PowerPoint… You can use Q-Play too.

2. Integrate with your preferred systems

With more than +28 apps to integrate with, you should be able to show exactly what your company desires.

3. Manage all your screens from one computer

With our cloud-based solution, you manage everything from 1 to 100+ screens from 1 device.

Smart TV på væggen med infoskærm
kultunaut app på infoskærm
Digital sign hanging in a coffee shop displaying the menu.
A screen collage of digital signage screens, visitor management screens, and conference room booking displays with designs.

1. Simplified Scheduling

Whether you're coordinating across various departments within your company or collaborating with multiple businesses in an office community, Q-Cal Booking makes it easy.

2. Effortless Integration

Q-Cal Booking integrates smoothly with your current calendar system, enhancing rather than replacing the tools you already trust.

3. Controlled Permissions

Decide who can see and book available times, ensuring privacy and efficiency. Customize how you view your schedules, whether by day, week, or month to better plan your time.

1. Simplify Your Scheduling

Access real-time room availability and book meeting spaces directly from any screen. Say goodbye to double bookings and scheduling conflicts. Connect effortlessly with your existing calendar systems, ensuring all your schedules are synchronized and up to date.

2. Customize Your Experience

Enhance your meeting rooms with customizable screens that reflect your company’s logo, colors, and design preferences. Whether you need a standard look or a custom touch, tailor every detail to suit your brand.

3. Streamline Operations with Advanced Management

Protect sensitive meeting details with top-tier security measures, including customizable data protection agreements (DPA) and service level agreements (SLA) that meet rigorous compliance standards.

Q-Cal Meeting Room
Aula App til infoskærm
Logos of some of the supported hardware vendors.
Billboard sign directing you to mobile check-in and a spartphone displaying the first part of the check-in process.
Q-Cal Check-in stander

1. No More Guesswork

Eliminate the confusion of "where to go" and "who to talk to" with our streamlined visitor management process. Instant notifications ensure the right person greets guests upon arrival, setting the tone for a professional interaction.

2. Multi-Company Efficiency

Whether operating within a shared space or managing visitors for a single company, tailor the sign-in experience to meet specific organizational protocols, enhancing security and efficiency.

3. Active Map and SignageView

Employ interactive layouts and dynamic digital signage to guide visitors effortlessly through your facilities. This improves navigation and enhances the visitor experience with visually appealing and informative displays.

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