NordicScreen wants to make it easy to own a digital signage and display exactly the content you want.

With a solution from NordicScreen, you can easily design and set up a super cool and user-friendly screen solution without the need for expert knowledge. With the help of resellers and support, even an advanced solution with many screens and integrations can be set up in a short time.

Screen animation


NordicScreen started in 2017 as an entrepreneurial project in North Jutland, where two enthusiasts in sales and development set out to develop the digital signage solution of the future. Since then, NordicScreen has developed significantly and today employs approx. 8 employees at the head office in Randers.

In 2020, the first cornerstones for NordicScreen as an international company were set when the first solutions for the American market are implemented in New York. NordicScreen’s solutions are sold directly to customers and through a reseller program, which in 2020 included 22 resellers in the Nordic and American markets. As a result, NordicScreen today offers the products Q-Play, Q-Cal and Q-Desk to a large number of industries nationally as well as internationally.

NordicScreen office
Q-Play office

What do we do?

NordicScreen develops innovative software with a focus on user-friendliness and user experiences. Through good and intuitive products, we deliver customer information at the right time and place. Our employees take pride in providing a good, reliable and stable service to all our customers and partners.


Who are we?

Today, NordicScreen is run by a team of suitable and competent employees. We also contribute to the development of new talents within marketing, software development and innovation through internships and student courses.

Camilla Berg Andreasen

Camilla Berg Andreasen Head of Communications and HR

Steffen Christensen

Steffen Christensen Head of Direct Sales

[email protected]
+45 31 13 29 90

Damian Hrabąszcz

Damian Hrabąszcz Developer

Amer Besic

Amer Besic Customer Success

Penda Svane

Penda Svane Developer Intern

Dan Hyltoft Lund

Dan Hyltoft Lund CTO

Peter Adamsen

Peter Adamsen CEO

[email protected]
+45 20 18 68 30
Malou Sloth

Malou Sloth Design Lead & Product Specialist

Per Andersen

Per Andersen Head of Finance

Ana Iacovache

Ana Iacovache Developer Intern

Daniel Høeg Nygaard

Daniel Høeg Nygaard Sales Representative

Rune Breinholt Andersen

Rune Breinholt Andersen Head of Marketing

Michael Anderskov Schmidt

Michael Anderskov Schmidt Head of Partners Sales

[email protected]
+45 53 65 85 67

Mette Kirstensen

Mette Kirstensen Financial Controller

Kasper Roager

Kasper Roager Junior Developer

Maros Cuninka

Maros Cuninka Developer

Michael Owsinski

Michael Owsinski Senior Developer

Katerina Maresova

Katerina Maresova Marketing Internt