Make your digital signage come alive with data from Q-Cal. Use data directly from your calendar to provide important information on your digital signage screen.

Digital Signage screen in lobby displaying SignageView of a meeting agenda.

How does it work

What happens, when you create a SignageView?


Connect to your calendar

Using the many different calendar integration options, you integrate your calendar in order to retrieve your preferred data.

Web Design

Create design

Using the design tool, you put together your calendar data in a presentable way. You can adapt colors, fonts, and much more, to help you deliver your message.

Computer screen

Share on Signage Screen

When your design is ready, you can share it on any Q-Play digital signage screen by using the Booking app. Now you can display meeting schedules, birthdays, and much more.

Why use SignageView

SignageView is an automated way to display dynamic calendar content on your digital signage screen.

Knowing who is on vacation, when and where your meeting takes place, what is served in the canteen, and whether or not it is someone’s birthday is both nice, convenient, and can sometimes save you a lot of hassle. However, manually writing that information on your signage screen is time-consuming and a waste of resources. Especially if you already have access to this information in your company calendar.

By using SignageView, you can customize different views of your preferred calendar data and share it on your signage screen through Q-Play Digital Signage. The direct integration to your calendar ensures your data is automatically updated based on the data in your calendar. And the many design options enable you to create views that fit your preferences and brand.

Combine with …

Computer screen


Investing in a digital signage system helps boost your business. With the many communication channels, your screens are significant communication-real estate.


Meeting Room Booker

Stop wasting time looking for a meeting room with conference room scheduling software and a meeting room scheduling display.

package box

Carrier Feature

With a designated button for deliveries, the delivery people always know where to go.


Single Company Check-In

With a digital visitor sign-in system only the employee, who is actually expecting the guest will be disturbed when the guest arrives.


Parking Registration

Avoid parking tickets. Have guests register their parking when signing in through your digital visitor sign-in system.

office builing

Multi Company Visitor Management

When sharing an office space with other companies, a visitor management system ensures no guest walks into the wrong office.


Q-Play v2

Q-Play v1


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