Stop wasting time walking around the whole building looking for an available meeting room. With ActiveMap on your digital signage screen, you know exactly which rooms are available.

Digital Signage Screen displaying an active map of meeting facilities.

How does it work

How do you set up an ActiveMap?

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Map Your Room Layout

Using a floorplan of your building map out The rooms you wanna display the availability status of on your digital signage screen.


Integrate Calendar

Set up a direct integration to your calendar, connecting the calendar for your meeting rooms to their correspondent rooms on your floorplan.


Display on Signage Screen

Add your ActiveMap to your digital signage screen design. The map will automatically update the status of your meeting rooms, dependent on the information in their booking calendar.

Why use ActiveMap

Wasting time looking for meeting rooms is annoying. With an ActiveMap added to your digital signage design, you can strategically place screens around your company, that help guide people towards the correct rooms.

By displaying this interactive layout of your meeting facilities, you make it easier for people to find the room where their meeting is taking place. Likewise, if you are looking for a room for an ad hoc meeting, the red or green color on the map clearly indicates, which rooms are available or not.

This solution doesn’t only make things easier for your employees, but it also provides you with a guest-friendly way of guiding guests around your company.

Combining the ActiveMap with a Q-Cal Meeting Room Booker solution, you are able to see your room’s availability status on screens right outside each room.

Furthermore, the room’s individual screens provide you with a digital platform to display the room’s equipment and schedule for the day, and you can even start, end and book meetings directly on the screen outside the room.

Due to the two-way integration to your calendar, everything updates automatically both on the screen, in your calendar, and on your ActiveMap. Providing you with a more efficient way of managing your meeting facilities.

Combine with …

Computer screen

Digital Signage

Investing in a digital signage system helps boost your business. With the many communication channels, your screens are significant communication-real estate.


Meeting Room Booker

Stop wasting time looking for a meeting room with conference room scheduling software and a meeting room scheduling display.

Web Design


Connect your conference room scheduling software with your signage solution and the meetings of the day on your digital signage screens.

office builing

Multi Company Check In

When sharing an office space with other companies, a visitor management system ensures no guest walks into the wrong office.


Single Company Check In

With a digital visitor sign-in system only the employee, who is actually expecting the guest will be disturbed when the guest arrives.

package box

Carrier Feature

With a designated button for deliveries, the delivery people always know where to go.


Q-Play v2

Q-Play v1


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