Multi Company Visitor Management

Is your company sharing an office space? Has your guest ever walked into the wrong company? With a multi-company visitor management solution you greet your visitors in a professional and stylish manner, and your guests always know where to find you.

Q-Cal Check-In solution for Shared office spaces

How does it work

What happens, when your guest arrives at the check-in?

Choose Company

Your guest will decide which company they are visiting, and choose whether or not they have an appointment.

Notify Employee

The guest will choose the employee they are visiting and let the employee know they have arrived. The employee will get a notification by SMS, Email, or both.

Say Hello

Due to the notification, you now know that your guest has arrived and you can go to the lobby and meet them.

Why have a Visitor management system

Multi-company visitor management is a shared solution between all the companies in the shared office space. By placing a check-in screen in the lobby, you free up resources and decrease confusion.

Your guests will no longer get lost or walk into the wrong company disturbing them in their work. Providing your guests with a better experience.

Fewer disturbances also mean more productive work, and with the start screen on the check-in, each company can promote itself through its own logo.

Combine with …

Digital Signage

Investing in a digital signage system helps boost your business. With the many communication channels, your screens are significant communication-real estate.

Meeting Room Booker

Stop wasting time looking for a meeting room with conference room scheduling software and a meeting room scheduling display.

Carrier Feature

With a designated button for deliveries, the delivery people always know where to go.

Custom Design

Create a custom design with the Q-Cal visitor check-in software. That way you have a visitor sign-in system that fits your company.

Parking Registration

Avoid parking tickets. Have guests register their parking when signing in through your digital visitor sign-in system.

Guest Registration

Know exactly when your guests signed in and out, get check-out reminders and provide guests with special reusable name tags.

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