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Using Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) with your meeting room display solution not only enhances the security and efficiency of your meeting room management but also leverages the robust, scalable, and flexible architecture of Azure services to provide a seamless user experience across your organization’s digital landscape.

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Increase Security and Operational Efficiency

Azure AD provides a single sign-on (SSO) experience, allowing employees to access the meeting room booking system using their existing corporate credentials. This streamlines the authentication process, eliminating the need for multiple usernames and passwords, which simplifies access while maintaining security.

Integrating the robust security feature from Azure AD  with your meeting room display solution ensures that access to booking and managing meeting rooms is both secure and controlled, preventing unauthorized access.

With Azure AD, user permissions and access controls are also managed centrally. This makes it easier for IT administrators to grant or restrict access to the meeting room booking system based on the user’s role or group membership within the organization. It simplifies management and ensures that only authorized personnel can make changes to meeting schedules

The purpose of the Azure AD integration is to increase your security and make it easy for you to manage access to your solution.


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