Turn Your Meeting Room Screen Saver into a Digital Signage

Transform your meeting room screens from idle displays into vibrant platforms for branding and communication.

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The Potential of Meeting Room Screens

Meeting room screens, placed inside meeting rooms equipped with presentation tools like Barco ClickShare, Poly, and Yealink, often lie dormant when not in use. Typically they are just black or displaying some awful screen saver. This is an underutilization of the screen and represents a missed opportunity for reinforcing company branding and streamlining communication within professional settings.

A dark meeting room with a TV on the wall display a screen saver design created using Q-Play Digital Signage.
Smart TV mounted on wall with Q-Play digital signage layout

Introducing Q-Play Digital Signage: The Smart Solution

Q-Play Digital Signage is your gateway to turning these screens into dynamic digital signage. This solution allows for the display of customizable screen savers that can significantly enhance your company’s branding and provide valuable information to meeting participants, including schedules, Wi-Fi passwords, and presentation tool instructions.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Branding: Create a cohesive look across your company by designing screen savers that reflect your brand identity.
  • Streamlined Communication: Move essential information inside the meeting rooms, making it accessible when and where it’s needed.
  • Ease of Use: Q-Play’s cloud-based platform is intuitive, allowing for easy management from anywhere.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Leverage existing presentation tools like Barco ClickShare, Poly, and Yealink to add value without the need for significant additional investment.

How Q-Play Transforms Meeting Room Dynamics

By incorporating Q-Play Digital Signage, you can ensure that your meeting rooms are not just spaces for discussion but also platforms for promoting your brand and facilitating seamless operational flow. This solution’s flexibility allows you to display a wide array of content, from company logos and meeting schedules to quick start guides for presentation tools, directly inside the meeting rooms.

A meeting room with a screen mounted in the corner of the wall displaying Q-Play.
Logos from Barco, Yealink and Poly.

Leveraging Your Existing Tools

Integrating Q-Play with popular presentation solutions like Barco ClickShare, Poly, and Yealink is straightforward, allowing you to add extra value to the tools you already use. This integration empowers you to use your screen saver for branding, transforming a static display into a dynamic branding and information tool.

Q-Play stands out by offering a solution that is not only easy to implement and use but also leverages the hardware your company already possesses, making it a highly affordable and efficient choice.

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Don’t let your meeting room screens go to waste. Embrace the future of in-room communication and branding. Whether you’re looking to enhance your company’s branding or provide key information in a more accessible manner.

Interested in seeing how Q-Play can elevate your meeting room experience? Contact us now to discover the possibilities.

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