Effective Management of Meeting Facilities

No matter if you are one company or several companies sharing meeting room facilities, having to walk all over the place to find a room to host your meeting is annoying. And, arriving at an occupied room, when you know you have booked it in advance can be infuriating. There must be a better solution … It is called Meeting Room Displays.

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How Does it work?

Well, the solution works by placing a screen outside each meeting room. This screen is then linked to the calendar system, where you book the meeting facilities. In the auspices of NordicScreen, this system is called Q-Cal Meeting Room Displays


Q-Cal is a calendar system with many opportunities. One of the options is to integrate with your company calendar no matter if you use GSuite or Office365. With this integration option and the Q-Cal app installed on your meeting room displays, Q-Cal enables the screens to communicate with the calendar of the specific meeting room. Due to this, you are able to see the schedule of the day right there on the screen. You know exactly when the room is occupied. 

When your meeting starts, just press the start button, confirming that you are actually using the room. If the start button is not pressed after e.g. 5 minutes from the start of the meeting, the meeting room will automatically become available, and that will be shown in the company’s calendar.

If your meeting finishes early, just press the end meeting button, and the room will instantaneously become available and everyone will be able to book it in the company calendar again.

With ad-hoc bookings, you are able to book available meeting rooms right there on the screen outside the room itself. The system will automatically notify the company calendar, so the room is shown as occupied.

Meeting room door with Q-Cal meeting room display out side
Meeting Room Hallway With Red and Greens Screens.

Why you should have an effective meeting facility?

A setup with Q-Cal Meeting Room Displays helps you make the use of your meeting facilities more transparent and automated. Everyone saves time because no one has to run around the whole company looking for a meeting room and no one accidentally occupied a room that is already booked.

Especially the ability to spot available meeting rooms from far away is one of the benefits, that convinced Dansk Industri to expand its solution.

If you suddenly experience that people have trouble finding places to host their meetings like Food Diagnostics did when the Covid-19 pandemic started, a solution like Q-Cal Metting Room Displays can help you effectively manage your facilities. Saving you the trouble and money of building extra meeting rooms.

How to get started

Well, we would recommend giving us a call.

You are probably thinking, they have to say that, but … we actually mean it. By giving us a call we can, in collaboration with you, assess your situation and based on that provide you with a customized solution that fits your unique situation.

When that is said, most meeting room display solutions contain the following three things:


A meeting room display

Which is basically a digital touch screen, and depending on the number of meeting rooms, you might need several. 

Since we are a software company, we don’t sell much hardware. But, for a  meeting room display solution, we often recommend a 10″ Android-based Panel PC from ProDVX, which we are able to provide you.

Check out the ProDVX blog and learn, how to save time with a meeting room display solution.


A Q-Cal subscription

With a Q-Cal subscription, you can design the layout of your meeting room display exactly as you want. We can help you ad your own brand colors, logo, and maybe a background picture.

With the online Q-Cal platform, you connect all of your meeting room displays to one account, from which you can change or add new designs to all of your screens.


A Calendar integration

Well, this is optional, but most people have it. The Q-Cal platform is a calendar system, and if you want, you can use it directly as-is. This means that you and as many users as you want can get access to the system and use it to directly book your meeting room facilities.

Since you most likely already have a calendar system, where you and your colleagues can keep track of your meetings and book meeting rooms, it is much easier for you, to keep using the system you know. That is why Q-Cal can be integrated with a lot of different calendar systems. Are you e.g. using Office365, then just use your master account and sign in with Azure. Now, the data from your calendar will automatically be imported to Q-Cal and distributed to your meeting room displays. With the integration in place, you just use your calendar system e.g. Office365, as normal.

Q-Cal Meeting Room

A Professional and Awesome Design?

A meeting room display is a part of your company and something that everyone using your meeting facilities will see. Having a design that corresponds to your brand and helps display your company professionally and stylishly.

What is the Price?

The price of a Q-Cal Meeting Room Display solution very much depends on you and your needs. Screen and content are typically the two factors deciding the price of your solution.

Depending on what types of screens you want for your solution, the price will inevitably be affected. And of course, the number of screens you need will also impact the price. At the bottom of our price page, you can see the price of our standard screens.

Content … Depending on whether or not you want to use your Q-Cal subscription for more than just meeting room displays, that may also affect the price. Q-Cal has many different features, which help make your life easier.

Money bill price
Conference scheduling display with custom design.

To sum up …

A Q-Cal Meeting Room Display solution will help you save time and potentially money. With an effective and transparent way to manage your meeting facilities, no one has to worry about not finding an available meeting room. With the communication between the meeting room display and your calendar, the calendar is automatically updated based on unexpected changes, this might even help you avoid having to build new meeting rooms.

A Q-Cal Meeting Room Display solution requires a Q-Cal subscription and some meeting room displays, all of which you can order here at NordicScreen.

Give us a call and we will help you find the perfect solution.


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