Food Diagnostics Combines both Meeting Room Displays and Digital Signage

To ensure the safe production of food, checking the hygiene is essential. This is where Food Diagnostics comes in. Food Diagnostics is not just a reseller of products, but a consultant helping customers implement the best possible solution that ensures safe, quick, and less work-intensive production of food

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Food Diagnostics is a reseller of hygiene products that helps ensure the safe production of food. They also specialize in consulting services, helping food production companies implement safe and less work-intensive solutions. Food Diagnostics is active in both Denmark, Greenland, Iceland, and the Faroe islands

Headquarters: Grenaa, Denmark
Gross Profit: 11.292 Million DKK (2021)
Employees: 18 (2021)

Double Bookings and A Lack of Space

Due to Covid-19 a lot of the sales employees started booking more online meetings and webinars than previously. Because of this, the company’s meeting facilities were used a lot more than usual. At the same time, Food Diagnostics started experiencing that, often people occupied the meeting rooms despited it being booked by others. This resulted in several situations where the meeting rooms were double booked or occupied when people needed them.

Because of these problems, Food Diagnostics decided to look for a solution that could help them keep track of the day-to-day activities and booking of the company meeting facilities. Food Diagnostics started looking for a digital signage solution where they could put up a screen outside every meeting room listing the day’s activities. At the same time, they also wanted to update the screen in the canteen, so they could display different types of information.

Food Diagnostics meeting room screen
screen design examples

A Solution that Works

Despite the original plan of Food Diagnostics, which was a digital signage screen in the canteen and outside each meeting room, the most suitable solution turned out to be a combination of a Q-Play digital signage solution and a Q-Cal Meeting Room Display solution.

Up and Running, All On Their Own

After a look at the NordicScreen website and a small question about price, Food Diagnostics was up and running with their solution in no time. They created their free Q-Play account and from here they designed their solution, ordered their Q-Play subscription, downloaded the software to their own Windows player, and connected all of it to the screen in their canteen. All done online and on their own.

Man Working in Q-Play
Food Diagnostics meeting room display

3 Meeting Room Displays

After a short while, we talked about their solution, and once again the issues with the meeting rooms were raised. This led to a good talk about the many advantages of using Q-Cal Meeting Room Displays to manage your meeting facilities. This resulted in Food Diagnostics increasing their digital signage solution with two meeting room displays and Q-Cal calendar integration to their existing calendar. This way we ensure that Food Diagnostics’ solution doesn’t require a lot of work from the employees. All they have to do is use their calendar as normal. After only a short while, Food Diagnostics expanded its solution with yet another meeting room display.

Maintaining the Solution

Maintaining Food Diagnostics’ digital signage solution is fairly easy. The integration between their calendar and Q-Cal ensures that their meeting room displays always update automatically based on the activities in the calendar. The same goes for the screen in the canteen. By using SignageView to display a list of each day’s activities this list also updates automatically based on the calendar activities and changes.

The screen in the canteen contains all types of information other than the day’s activities. The information is all managed and updated by Food Diagnostics. But, the many time management features make it very easy to make sure that content goes up and down automatically, always ensuring relevant content on the screen.

Security protocols and software updates are handled by NordicScreen as always.

Info screen in kitchen at Food Diagnostics


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