What is the value of a digital signage solution in canteens?

Mar 25, 2022

With the fast-evolving technology, there are no doubts that digital signage can be used anywhere, even in the school or office canteen. Digital signage is usually considered an entertainment display or TV, but there is much more to it than that. 

Digital signage in the canteen is a near-perfect way to communicate with people. You can easily announce important information addressed to everyone who uses the canteen. At the same time, a digital signage solution can be a key element in increasing customer experiences and profits, while also saving you time and maybe money.

Money Matters: Less Food waste and increased sales

With a digital signage solution in your canteen, you have freedom and endless possibilities to design and share exactly the information you want.

With a digital menu board, decreasing food waste is as simple as offering your customers a limited-time special based on the expiration date on your groceries. It not only helps you minimize your waste but also increases your sales. All this can be done, while also advertising your regular prices.

The flexibility of your digital signs makes it super easy for you to adapt to the supply and demand needs of your stock and your customers’ mood. You can easily earn extra money on promoting specific products or impact your customers’ impulse purchase tendencies. Combining this increase in sales with your print cost going down due to the digital signs, you are potentially looking at a significant increase in revenue.

You no longer have to buy paper or ink and your off-site printing expenses can potentially be completely removed. Combine that with the time you save by not having to keep replacing and hanging new posters or menus your costs can’t help but decrease.

A better customer experience

Have you ever experienced how your good mood is just plummeting downward when waiting in a long cue? – That doesn’t really speak well for the customer experience.

As a canteen, you could say, that you are a bit privileged, because (let’s be honest) who really want to eat a lunch that has been cooped up in the bag for half a day? But at the same time, you face other challenges.

You have to ensure that the experience, of the people entering your canteen, is worth spending their whole lunch break on, otherwise, that pre-packed lunch in the bag starts to look pretty good. Another alternative is that your customers start venturing outside the school or office to find food.

Firstly, having a digital menu can help your customers choose what they are ordering faster. Making your services go faster and decreasing the wait time. Secondly, having digital signs can also help decrease the average perceived wait time of your customers. Dynamic digital signs with video or pictures give your customers something to look at when waiting to be served. Thereby, making the wait seem to go faster.

Display vital information like food allergens

Flexibility is key. With a printed static sign you need to decide on what information you want to share, which allergens to display. With the flexibility provided to you by a digital signage solution, you can do it all.

You can inform people about allergens, calories, vitamins, or other very important nutritional data. You can also advertise if your products are locally produced or from local vendors. You can display everything your customers might need to know, making your canteen a one-stop shop.

Reception check in stander

Tempt customers with delicious-looking pictures

A picture says more than 1000 words – We all know the saying and it is true. Pictures have a way to impact us that words cannot. A picture of a steaming deliciously look plate of food almost instantly makes us hungry. With a digital signage solution in your canteen, you can use this fact to your advantage.

Tempt your customers with high-quality pictures of delicious foods and beverages, combine that with some movement (e.g. steam rising from the food) in the picture to grab people’s attention. We can almost guarantee you, that you have increased the number of impulse purchases from your customers.

Maybe you serve both breakfast and lunch in your canteen? No problem, a digital signage solution can be set to automatically update throughout the day, making sure that your customers are only exposed to relevant and timely offers of food.

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A Professional and Awesome Design?

Designing a menu or offers doesn’t have to be hard. Almost all digital signage companies provide you with ready-to-use templates and all you need to do is fill in your own information. A system like Q-Play gives you the option of creating your very own special design but in case you lack ideas you can always get some help from our incredibly skilled graphic designers.

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Easily updated with a few clicks

The final benefit, we are going to mention in this rather long blog posting (we are sorry) is the flexibility of a digital sing in your canteen or restaurant.

With an online platform where you can manage the content on all your digital menus at once, making changes is super easy.

A digital sign is dynamic and whenever you feel like making changes or to spice up for promotions all you need to do is change the text, maybe upload a photo and hit “publish”. Now you have successfully adapted your signs. Promoting ice cream is just more fun when the sun is shining.

In Short …

Having a digital signage solution in your canteen is a useful, smart tool, that can ease the work and save time because it allows you to update menus, prices, information in real-time. The ability to save time, potentially increase impulse purchases and minimize food waste will help you increase your revenue.

If you want a digital signage solution that can do this and much more have a look at Q-Play.