Spice up your canteen with a digital signage screen

The canteen is the company’s gathering point, much like the kitchen is often the gathering point of a home. The canteen is where virtually all employees come at least once a day. Therefore, the canteen is also an ideal space to set up your digital signage screen.

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The ideal platform

Only your imagination limits what you can display on your digital signage screens. For example, you can insert points from the latest board meeting, play videos, display the weather, and much more.

Since the screen is in the canteen, it’s also an ideal opportunity to show information such as today’s special, the menu for the whole week, or allergens in the various dishes.

There are many different signage solutions available today, and yes, essentially, a digital signage screen is just a TV with, for example, a PowerPoint presentation.

But for your signage screen to be the ideal platform, it requires ease of use and as little work as possible.

Choosing a professional digital signage solution such as Q-Play,  allows you to set up many cool features that ensure your screen runs more or less automatically.

For instance, you can integrate the solution with your calendar and automatically get a meeting overview. At the same time, you can have remote access to your solution, allowing you to comfortably set up content and schedules for all your screens, no matter how many you have, from your office space.

Woman holding a pot of coffe, and a digital sign in the bacground with the menu and prices.
Small sigital price sign standing on counter top.

Seize the opportunity when it's there

Receiving information on a screen is hardly unfamiliar to anyone anymore. We are bombarded with information from all directions, and our email inboxes overflow with status updates.

Important information can quickly get lost, and emails containing today’s specials and allergens are likely not even opened.

A digital signage screen in the canteen allows you to break through with your most important information. When your employees are already queuing for lunch, why not take advantage of the opportunity to grab their attention and provide them with the necessary information?

Make the waiting time seem shorter

More and more people believe that signage screens make the time spent waiting in line feel faster. So the idea is that if you’re waiting in line for 10 minutes, it might only feel like 7 minutes.

We all know the feeling of getting irritated while standing in line, whether it’s for our lunch or to pay at a register in the supermarket. If the queue is several kilometers long, it feels like it takes forever, and you end up having a rather unpleasant experience.

With digital signage hanging at eye level while your employees are queuing for lunch, they not only receive useful information but are also naturally entertained, which affects their perception of how long they’ve been waiting.
Therefore, there’s a possibility that your employees will be less annoyed about standing in line. That doesn’t sound like a completely bad advantage, does it?

Pizza menu on digital signage.
Cloud data

Time is money

How long does it take to write a menu, print it out, change ink in the printer, and send the document three times because the printer never seems to work, then go down to the canteen and hang up your printed A4 paper?

It probably takes longer than you’d like it to, time you could spend on something else.

With a digital signage solution, you simply log into the system, enter the information you want to display and hit publish. How long does that take… two minutes? Maybe four?

With access to all the company’s screens, you can upload the same text to all screens at once. So, you also save time on having to go around to all notice boards in the entire company.

Reduced costs, increased sales

With an easily customizable digital signage screen, as a canteen employee, you can quickly set up new offers and tempt the company’s employees with whatever you like while they queue for their lunch.

Do you have some bananas that are getting too ripe? Voilà! There’s an offer on banana cake, and with just a few clicks, you’ve not only increased your sales (because who says no to cake?) but also reduced your food waste. That’s a win-win situation.

Digital price sign display price of pizza.
pleasant woman giving lunch school boy cafeteria

Never outdated information again

The numerous scheduling options also make it easy for you to plan the content on the screens. For instance, if you give canteen staff access to the screens, they can set up the menu for the entire week, while the scheduling ensures that only Tuesday’s menu is displayed on Tuesday. The same goes if you want to wish all employees a good weekend or remind them to sign up for the next town hall meeting.

You’ve probably seen one of those notice boards covered with old information that’s no longer relevant to anyone. It’s a waste of space and annoying for those who take the time to look at the board. An online-based signage screen with the option for automatic setup and removal of information eliminates this problem.

A professional design

Have you ever seen a notice board that you thought looked nice and wanted to look at? Most likely not, especially if it’s packed with information.

With a digital signage screen, you have the opportunity to use predefined templates and customize the design to your company.

You can spice up your canteen with fresh colors, music, and movement if you wish. You also have the option to have your screens professionally designed by a graphic designer. This way, you can be sure that the screen will fit your company and be something you’re not afraid to show off when you have important partners over for lunch.

TV med menu
screen design examples


There are several advantages to having signage screens in the canteen. With an online-based solution like Q-Play, you can act quickly and customize the content on the screens. You can set up special offers that increase your sales and reduce food waste. At the same time, by using time scheduling, you can ensure that the information on the screen is always updated automatically, and with integration into the company calendar, there’s always an updated version of the day’s meeting schedule.

Additionally, an info screen is an ideal platform to inform about the daily special and any allergens it may contain. If you’re still not entirely convinced that a digital signage screen is the right solution for you, then create an account and try out Q-Play, or book a free meeting with one of our experts.


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