Why You Should Use Cloud Based Digital Signage

Oct 26, 2021


Communication is key!

No matter what industry you are in or if you are trying to increase sales or employee engagement, you need to communicate! So, why not communicate in an effective way that helps you save time and money, while at the same time makes your communication come alive in a way that forces people to pay attention?

Well, for us it is a no-brainer, cloud based digital signage should be one of the standard tools in your communication toolbox. That is why, we have written all about what cloud based digital signage is and why it is the best investment you can make.

What is cloud based digital signage?

Imagine being able to control digital signage content from anywhere in the world. – Sounds pretty good, right?

That is what you get with a cloud based digital signage solution.

When your digital signage software is cloud based it means you have access to an online platform. Here you can manage all of your digital signage content.

This also means that you can access the platform from your computer and thereby manage your content from anywhere, as long as you have access to the internet.

The content you upload is stored on a server and, all the trouble of maintaining the software and servers is not your headache. That is done by your software provider.

Why You Should Use Cloud Based Digital Signage

Why use cloud based digital signage? – because it is smart!

The cloud based digital signage platforms that are available nowadays makes your life easier. Why? – because it gives you an intuitive way to manage your content and screens without having to invest a lot of time or money.

With a cloud based digital signage you no longer need an internal network or onsite servers. This means that even with a limited amount of technical know-how you can get a professional digital signage solution, that helps you optimize your communication.

Easy to get started

Opposite an on-premise digital signage platform, where you need a lot of expensive hardware, you only need three things to get started on your cloud based digital signage solution:

A TV display for professional use
A plug-and-play media player
A Q-Play account/digital signage software

With these three things at hand you are now the owner of your very own digital signage network. All you need to do from here is grab, design and share your content.

Why You Should Use Cloud Based Digital Signage

Access your digital signage anywhere

One of the many advantages with a cloud based digital signage solution is that you can access it from anywhere. With this feature you can create, manage and update your content whenever and wherever you want. – As long as you have a stable internet connection.

This remote access feature also makes it possible for you to target a specific audience with information. With the online platform you can easily push information and messages to screens located in different areas and at specific times, making your communication more timely, relevant and targeted.

Lower upfront costs

A digital signage solution does not have to cost a fortune!
After the initial costs of acquiring the TV display and the media player, you only have your monthly subscription fee. – Which is almost equivalent to your monthly Netflix subscription.

Contrary to an on-premise digital signage platform, with a cloud based solution, you do not need to invest in on-site servers or other expensive hardware, which also takes a lot of time to maintain.

Once you are up and running future software updates are free of charge. So you don’t have to spend extra money on keeping your solution up to date. Likewise, the support is included in your monthly fee.

Software updates and new features are included

Software updates and new features are made for you to always have the best digital signage experience!

As said, there are a lot of cool advantages with cloud based digital signage. One of the many advantages is that all future software updates will happen automatically and free of charge. – You do not have to worry!

The same goes for new cool features. These are also included in your digital signage solution and will automatically be available to you as soon as they are up and running.

Free support

Mistakes will happen. No matter how well you prepare, problems have a tendency to show up.

With a cloud based digital signage solution you have a whole team of supporters ready to help, whenever you have a problem or a question. With the support included in your monthly fee, help is always just a phone call away.

The best cloud based digital signage software?

Of course our answer to that question is Q-Play. – But, basically the best digital signage software is the software that makes your digital signage dreams come true!

A solution that is easy for you to use both regarding content creation, but also when it comes to managing all your players. The best cloud based digital signage solution is a solution that optimizes your communication, so it becomes more efficient, while not limiting you with specific hardware or templates that you need to stick to.

This is what Q-Play gives you and that is why, we say that Q-Play is the only choice for you.


To sum up this entire blog post, you need a cloud based digital signage software solution!

The reason for this is that it will help you in your communication. You get a platform, where you remotely can push targeted content to specific target audiences, making your communication more timely, relevant and efficient.

At the same time you save money!
Overall a cloud based digital signage solution will cost less than an on-premise solution. This is because you don’t have to invest money and time in procuring on-site servers and technical know-how that ensures your solution will be running smoothly. – You can leave all that to your software provider.

Your monthly fee makes sure that you have a solution that is up to date with the newest software versions and features and if problems occur you have a whole support team ready to help. – What’s not to like?

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