Turn your prefered screen into a digital signage platform with an external Windows player.

Windows QUiET player

Make your signage screen come alive

Q-Play X Windows

Combining the Q-Play digital signage software with the Windows hardware platform, you get the best of both worlds. With the Windows player, you can turn any screen into a digital signage screen. Using the online digital signage platform, you combine your content into useful information boards. Use the player to display your content on your screen.


With the Windows player in hand, you can display any content. This includes dashboards from your online KPI platform, providing you and your target audience with much-needed information, that updates automatically. Furthermore, with all NordicScreen solutions being cloud-based, you can manage your content and screens directly from your computer, no matter how many signage screens you have or where they are located. The many time management options available in Q-Play also ensure automatic updates of your content and can even turn your screen black, when not in use e.g. during closing hours.
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About Windows

Windows is a Microsoft operating system allowing users to run different kinds of software, store files, etc.

Supported OS:

– Windows 7

– Windows 10

– Windows 11

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