Simple Check-In

Simplify the check-in experience for your visitors. They can notify their hosts of their arrival quickly and easily, without the need for lengthy registration forms or data entry.

Q-Cal Check-in stander

How does it work

What happens, when your guest arrives at the check-in?


Appointment or not?

Your guest will choose whether or not they already have an appointment. If they don’t, you decide what happens then. Maybe you wanna notify a receptionist, or provide a map of your building.


Notify Employee

If your guest has an appointment, the guest will press the name of the employee they are there to visit and let the employee know, that they have arrived. The employee will get an instant notification by SMS, Email, or both.


Say Hello

Due to the notification, you now know that your guest has arrived and you can go to the lobby and say Hi.

Seamless and Efficient Visitor Notifications

Experience the convenience of real-time SMS and email alerts with a Simple Check-In solution. Receive instant notifications directly to your phone or email when a guest arrives, ensuring you never miss an important visitor and can greet them promptly.

The Simple Check-In system is designed for easy implementation, seamlessly integrating into your existing processes without a need for extensive training or technical expertise. This straightforward, efficient check-in system is user-friendly and cost-effective, providing all the essential features you need without unnecessary expenses.

Enhance your visitor experience with a hassle-free check-in process that eliminates the need for registration. Quick notifications ensure visitors feel welcomed and at ease from the moment they arrive. Additionally, by streamlining the notification process and eliminating data management complexity, your staff can focus on their core tasks, significantly improving overall operational efficiency.

Combine with …

ID card

Visitor Badge

Make guests visible with printed or digital name tags. Use your check-in solution to have guests fill out their own visitor badge.


Parking Registration

Avoid parking tickets. Have guests register their parking when signing in through your digital visitor sign-in system.


No Appointment

Having visitor showing up unexpected happens. With the No Appointment feature your visitor management solutions ensures that the right people are contacted

package box

Carrier Feature

With a designated button for deliveries, the delivery people always know where to go.

Web Design

IOT Door Control

Increase security in the office by having all who visits sign in before being able to enter the office space.


Single Company Check In

With a digital visitor sign-in system only the employee, who is actually expecting the guest will be disturbed when the guest arrives.

office builing

Multi Company Check In

When sharing an office space with other companies, a visitor management system ensures no guest walks into the wrong office.


Meeting Room Booker

Stop wasting time looking for a meeting room with conference room scheduling software and a meeting room scheduling display.



Use your Digital Signage screen to guide people around your company by displaying an ActiveMap view.


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