No Appointment

How do you handle unexpected guests? With the No Appointment feature for your visitor management system, you and your unexpected guest know what to do. Making it a better experience for both you and the guest.

Lobby with visitor management screen displaying No Appointment feature.

How does it work

What happens, when your guest arrives at the check-in?

Why use the No Appointment feature

As an unexpected guest at your company, the No Appointment feature is a great help. It lets you know exactly where to go and who to talk with, without the uncertainty and without you having to disturb everyone.

For you, as a company, it minimizes the disturbances of your employees while also freeing up time for your receptionist. You decide how you want to receive the unexpected guest. Perhaps you want to show the guest a map of where to go, a number you want them to call, or maybe you just notify your receptionist, and they can greet the guest. Either way, you free up the resources of having an employee constantly monitoring your lobby area, just in case someone comes in unexpectedly.

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