A day overbooked with meetings can be stressful and often leaves you without time for lunch. Why not make the experience better by preordering food and drinks so they are automatically delivered to your meeting room?

Catering Digital Signage

How does it work

Who is in charge, and how do the feature work?


Set Up Your Solution

Select a catering manager and set up the menu offerings, drink choices, and opening hours.


Book Meeting

When booking your meeting room directly order food and beverages for you and you guests.


Host Meeting

When the day arrives, host your meeting while enjoying your food and drinks.

Why use the Catering feature

Enhance efficiency with an integrated solution that combines meeting room reservations with the convenience of ordering delicious food and refreshing beverages.

With catering as an integral part of your booking solution, you gain the ability to effortlessly order both meals and beverages for your meetings directly from your calendar. The fusion of these two processes streamlines the ordering journey, making it faster and more comprehensible for both the meeting organizer and the catering team.

Imagine the convenience of ensuring an abundance of treats for your guests, as you automatically place lunch orders that match your guest list.

But the benefits are twofold. Not only does the feature simplify the life of the meeting organizer, but it also works wonders for the catering team. Say goodbye to handwritten notes or overflowing email inboxes. With complete control over the menu and the choice between on-location delivery or cafeteria pickup, they’re in charge.

Simultaneously, the cafeteria staff have the opportunity to display Q-Play information from the catering module on a screen. This gives them easy access to placed orders, and the screen illuminates clearly when changes occur or a new order comes in.

Join those who transform everyday meetings into events with catering. Enhance efficiency, treat your guests, and empower your catering team – all within one elegant solution. Experience the future of seamless meeting management today.

Combine with …

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Carrier Feature

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Q-Play v2

Q-Play v1

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