Confirm Meeting

Enhance operational efficiency, room utilization, and communication within the workplace, and ensure that your meeting spaces are managed effectively and with minimal waste, with the Confirm Meeting feature.

iPad with Q-Cal installed and used as a meeting room booking display.

Optimize Your Room Utilization

The Confirm Meeting feature encourages punctuality and discipline among employees. Knowing that a meeting room must be confirmed upon arrival or shortly before the meeting starts ensures that meetings begin on time and are more likely to stick to their scheduled durations.

At the same time, the feature enhances real-time communication. The immediate update of room status upon confirmation of a meeting ensures that the availability of rooms is accurately reflected across the company’s booking system in real-time. This reduces confusion and conflicts over room bookings, making scheduling smoother and more reliable.

Lastly, the feature also helps with data collection for your meeting patterns. By collecting valuable data about meeting patterns and room usage, you get a better understanding of how often rooms are confirmed versus how often they are released. This can help facility managers make better decisions about space planning and resource allocation.

ABOUT Confirm Meeting
Streamline the management of your meeting spaces and enhance overall office efficiency.


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