Ad Hoc Booking

Book your ad hoc meeting directly on the meeting room displays outside the individual room.

Q-Cal Meeting Room

Make Ad Hoc Meetings Easy

With the capability for ad hoc bookings directly on the screen mounted outside each meeting room, spontaneous meetings are easily accommodated, eliminating the need for centralized booking systems or administrative intervention.

This immediate booking feature is complemented by a sophisticated two-way integration that automatically updates the company’s central calendar, ensuring real-time synchronization across all platforms to prevent double bookings.

The display not only enhances visibility of room availability but also improves overall efficiency by reducing administrative overhead and allowing employees to focus on more strategic tasks. Moreover, this system supports a dynamic work environment by providing the flexibility to adapt to changing meeting needs quickly, maximizing resource utilization and fostering a responsive, agile workplace culture.

ABOUT Ad Hoc Booking
Minimize double bookings and make room booking for spontaneous meetings easy.


Q-Play v2

Q-Play v1

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