Calendar Custom field

Customize the calendar content you display on your solution with calendar custom fields.


Make your solution even more adapted

With the Calendar Custom Field, you have the option of integrating and collecting custom information from your calendar into your Q-Cal solution.

That sounds very fancy, but what does it mean?

Let’s take an example.

A company is using the Q-Cal Booking solution to create SignageViews for their Q-Play Digital Signage solution. These views display meetings and events that take place in the different facilities of the company.

Each event has a start time and an end time, but because the company has a lot of events, it only wants to display events on its signage screens one hour before the event start times.

Using Calendar Custom Field, the company can automatically set a display time for each event when entering the event start time into the booking. The same can be done for a time when the company no longer wants the event to be displayed on the screens, e.g., 30 minutes after the event start time.

An event taking place from 9 AM to 11 AM will, therefore, only be displayed on the company’s digital signage screen from 8 AM to 9:30 AM.

ABOUT Calendar Custom Field
The purpose of Calendar Custom Field is to provide you with the option of customizing the solution to fit your specific needs. Even if that includes information that as a standard is collected by the solution.


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