Cancel Non-Confirmed Meetings

Make ghost meetings a thing of the past, with this feature that automatically cancels the room booking for meetings that have not been confirmed within the first 10 minutes of the meeting start time.

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Free Up Ressrouce

Most people are familiar with the frustration of trying to book a meeting room, but nothing is available. That frustration only increases, when seeing the hall of unused meeting rooms that appear booked in the company calendar.

With the Cancel Non-Confirmed Meetings, this problem is a thing of the past. The meeting room display mounted outside each of your meeting rooms has a two-way integration into your company calendar. This means, that if the “Confirm Meeting” button on the screen is not activated within the first five or ten minutes of the meeting start time, the room booking is automatically canceled, making the room available for others to book. Either through ad hoc booking or through the company calendar.

This frees up your meeting room resources and helps you manage your facilities more effectively.

ABOUT Cancel Non-Confirmed Meetings
A feature meant to help streamline the use of limited resources.


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