Ad-hoc Booking via RFID Card

Spontaneous meetings will happen. Book meeting rooms ad-hoc on their meeting room booker by swiping your RFID card.

ProDVX Green Screen

Make Ad-hoc Meetings Easy

Finding an available meeting room for your spontaneous meetings can be difficult. Så when you finally find one, having people interrupting you to see if the room is available is quite annoying.

With the RFID card integration, you can swipe your RFID card on the meeting room booker screen outside the room, when you find an available room. By swiping your card, you create an ad-hoc booking of that room, and the two-way calendar integration ensures that the company calendar is updated, so everyone knows you are using the room.

ABOUT Ad-hoc Booking via RFID Card
This feature aims to help you manage your meeting facilities and make ad-hoc bookings easy.


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