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“No Show” Reminders

“No Show” Reminders By using the “No Show” Reminders feature, you can significantly enhance the efficiency and reliability of your meeting room management, ensuring that

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Manual Import

Manual Import Import all the data you need to provide employees access to your Meeting Room Booker solution. Let People Book Their Own Meeting Rooms

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Ad-hoc Booking via RFID Card

Ad-hoc Booking via RFID Card Spontaneous meetings will happen. Book meeting rooms ad-hoc on their meeting room booker by swiping your RFID card. Make Ad-hoc

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Azure AD

Azure AD Using Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) with your meeting room display solution not only enhances the security and efficiency of your meeting room

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Custom Font

Custom Font By integrating custom fonts into your meeting room displays, you not only enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your booking system but also

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End Meeting

End Meeting The inclusion of the End Meeting feature for your meeting room displays mounted outside each room brings several practical benefits that enhance the

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Confirm Meeting

Confirm Meeting Enhance operational efficiency, room utilization, and communication within the workplace, and ensure that your meeting spaces are managed effectively and with minimal waste,

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Cancel Non-Confirmed Meetings

Cancel Non-Confirmed Meetings Make ghost meetings a thing of the past, with this feature that automatically cancels the room booking for meetings that have not

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Ad Hoc Bookings

Ad Hoc Booking Book your ad hoc meeting directly on the meeting room displays outside the individual room. Make Ad Hoc Meetings Easy With the

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