Start Using Digital Signage … Here are 5 reasons why!

Apr 8, 2022

Technology and especially digital screens have become a standard thing in our everyday lives. The screens have changed our behavior and they provide us with an unending stream of information.

We are using screens in many different aspects of their lives and many companies and especially stores have adapted to this. Because, how do you think, your brand is impacted if you don’t adapt to a digital signage world? Will you be seen as outdated?

If you are not already convinced about using digital signage, then here are 5 very good reasons.

Grab the Attention of Your Audience

Grabbing people’s attention had become a challenge. Many companies and screens are competing for customers’ attention. So how do you make sure, your brand is being noticed despite the many distractions and huge amount of information out there?

It is a difficult task, and one that printed materials is simply not up for tackling anymore. A printed poster outside a store or a piece of paper with important information on the company bulletin board is a static piece of content. It is old-fashioned and no one will notice it.

With a digital signage solution, you can create dynamic content with the necessary skills and features to grab people’s attention despite all the distractions.

Digital Signage in canteen

Entertain Your Audience

What makes you look up when you pass an e.g. storefront? – Most likely movement.

Most people pay more attention to moving images or videos than static posters. With a digital signage solution, you can combine your very best content like images, text, videos, and even your KPI dashboards.

Putting these elements together your message becomes entertaining. And, if you place your signage screens correctly you have created the optimal conditions for your messages to be heard.

Some say that digital signage can reduce perceived wait time. So placing a signage screen in by the counter in your store, or the eyesight of those waiting in the lunch cue might not be a bad idea.

You Save Money

Have you considered the cost of a printed sign?

You need to pay for paper, ink, printing, and transportation on your printed materials, and then you also need to pay someone to put up your sign. When the sign is no longer needed, you need to pay someone to remove it and throw it away.

The sum of all these costs is not a small one.

Yes, a digital signage screen is an expensive investment and it requires energy to run, but in the long run, it ends up being cheaper.

Reception check in stander

Timing is Key

We live in a fast phasing world and being able to change the content on your signs in the blink of an eye (or almost) can sometimes make a huge difference.

Having to manually print, put up and remove static posters is time-consuming, and it can mean that you miss that perfect window for spreading your messages.

As we have mentioned before a digital signage solution is dynamic by nature and can be changed in an instant. With just a few clicks on your computer, you can put up new messages, change information or adapt to unexpected events.

The online platform also provides you with the opportunity to time manage your content, making sure that your sign is always relevant e.g. saying “Remember to punch out” at the end of the day and “Have a nice weekend” every Friday.

No more outdated information!

Engage Your Audience

With the fast-moving technological developments, touchscreens are no longer something you only find in iPads and smartphones. If you want, you can turn your digital signage solution into a two-way communications platform.

With a touchscreen displaying e.g. ads or important company information, you can easily provide your audience with the option of reading more about a specific topic. Some even use it as a way for guests to keep track of the company employees.

Wanna know who works in development? Just press the button and meet all of them.

Reception check in stander

To Sum Up …

Digital screens have become a natural thing in our everyday lives. It is often the first and last thing we look at each day, so why not adapt to this digital world?

A printed poster simply isn’t enough to grab people’s attention anymore. For that, you need something more dynamic and adaptable. With a digital signage solution, you save money on printing, you can easily change the content, and it vastly increases the chance of your message reaching its target audience.