68% only use digital signage in one place

Did you know that 68% of Q-Play owners use their digital signage solution in only one place in the company? That is a lot of unused potentials.

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Digital Signage and Customers

The vast majority of digital signage users use their solution to communicate with their own customers. This could be in the form of promoting products, showing off sponsors, or simply providing customers with a digital menu.

Using digital signage for external communication is a good idea because it provides you with a dynamic platform to communicate with your target audience. You can easily change or correct your content to always keep it relevant.

Digital signage screen in lobby

Digital Signage Inside the Company

Only using digital signage as a way to communicate with customers limits your solution a great deal. It cuts you off from a dynamic and easy-to-use cloud-based platform to communicate with your employees. As a company in today’s market, you need to be present and active on several different communication platforms, and with the increase of remote work, the whiteboard in the canteen is no longer enough for spreading important internal information. Having to print your dashboards is a waste of time and paper, when you can integrate them directly into your signage solution and have them update automatically.

The Power of a Joint Solution

Using digital signage in several parts of your company provides you with only one platform to manage, and the option of utilizing your content more than once.

No Tina in the office doesn’t need to know about the status meeting in the warehouse, but seeing her hard work with your latest campaign for your new product come to life in the form of the promotional video you are showing in the stores can be a motivation for Tina and maybe even provide inspiration for new ideas.

A digital signage screen can also be a valuable tool for communicating with your desk-less workers. They don’t have the possibility to constantly check their mail or intranet for news, but with a screen hanging where they work, they can keep up to date just as your other employees. And if you spice up their screen with e.g. customer ratings and statements, they will see how their hard work contributes to happy customers. This social proof might also be valuable amongst your customers, well pop it onto the screen in your store and there you go.

A woman in a warehouse looking up at a digital signage screen with safety instructions.


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