Remote Product Promotion

As a supplier of any kind of product, you are of course eager to stand out, especially from your competitors. So why not increase your sales by investing in a digital signage solution that makes sure that your products are seen when customers enter the stores of your resellers?

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How Does it work?

68% of customers buy a product because they have seen it on a digital sign. – That is a lot?

So how do you make sure that your product is the one they buy? – Well, by being the only products displayed on the screen of course. But, how can you make this happen?


One of our customers got the idea of using Q-Play. This customer has a lot of vendors selling her products, so she offers each and every one of them, that she will put up a small screen with Q-Play installed that displays information about her and her products. At the same time, she offers the vendors that they can put up their own content on the screens for a small fee.


Now she has several screens placed in all the stores of her vendors to show off her products. And, with Q-Play being the cloud-based digital signage solution that it is, she can control all the information on the screens from her computer, no matter which stores the screen is located in.

Commercial billboard managed from Q-Play.
LED pylon managed by the Q-Play digital Signage Platform

Why you should have it?

Because it helps you sell more.

A screen displaying photos, videos, and information in general about your products helps you stand out from your competitors and all the other products in the store. It provides you with a platform where you can send clear messages and create awareness regarding your products, but also your brand in general.


Likewise, a cloud-based digital signage solution provides you with a quick and flexible way to communicate with your customers. You are able to make changes and put up new content from the comfort of your own office no matter how many screens are connected to your solution and where in the world those screens are located.

This solution is more flexible, convenient, and cheaper than having to print and distribute posters to all of your vendors.


The moving content of a digital sign is also something that grabs attention on a whole other level compared to a static poster. Thereby, greatly increasing your chances of being noticed by potential customers.

How to get started

First of all, you need your vendor’s permission to put up the screen. Then you need the actual screen and of course a Q-Play Digital Signage solution.

The best Q-Play solution for you depends on the content you want to display on the screen. Are you planning on “only” displaying pictures and text, then our low-end player will be all you need. However, are you also planning on showing videos and more demanding content, we have several Windows players that we can recommend to you.


A Professional and Awesome Design?

If you are not up for creating your own designs, we have some excellent professional designers that are ready to help you. Together you can create beautiful designs that help promote your products in a way that makes it almost impossible for customers not to buy your product.

What is the Price?

The price for a setup like this depends on what kind of hardware you choose to invest in. The prices on screens meant for signage use vary a lot according to quality and size. Since we only supply software our recommendation is to check with your preferred supplier of screens or IT hardware.

Money bill price

To sum up …

Using a cloud-based digital signage solution like Q-Play for remote product promotion is a good idea because it gives you an advantage over your competitors. At the same time, you get an easy and user-friendly way of controlling the promotion of your products at your vendors.


Q-Play v2

Q-Play v1

Do you need help moving to Q-Play v2? Contact our support at [email protected] or at +45 71 92 62 22