Multiscreen Digital Signage

Why not be a little extra and keep your competitors on their toes with a multiscreen digital signage solution that looks good, is easy to manage, and helps you increase your sales?

A custom-designed solution with anything but a 16/9 screen format or maybe not … With a Q-Play Digital Signage solution you can use the standard 16/9 screen to create something unique.

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The Possibilities Are Endless

It is important to stand out from the crowd, especially when managing a business in a highly competitive market. A good-looking specially-designed digital signage solution will for sure make your customers go WOW.

No … You don’t need to spend thousands of money on a designer and special screens. If you are the proud manager of a coffee shop, restaurant, or takeaway, you probably already have 3 screens hanging next to each other behind your counter. If not, it is about time you do (read more in our blog A Digital Price Sign). Screens like this are perfect for displaying your menu and all of your delicious offers.

With a cloud-based digital signage solution like Q-Play, you can connect all of your screens to the online platform in a way that makes them become one big screen. Because in Q-Play, you can enter the customized size of your screen. That is one of the things, that makes a cloud-based solution awesome. One of the others is, that you manage all of your screens and their content from your computer. You don’t even have to be in the same country as your screen.

Let us look at the example of the coffee shop. We all walked into a coffee shop and saw the three screens behind the counter. The screen is hanging right next to each other displaying their individual content. But, how do we create this multiscreen digital signage solution?

Three screens signage screens put together to function as one screen.

The How?

As said in Q-Play you can define a custom size for your screen. Meaning, if you don’t have a standard 16/9 screen format (1920 pixels time 1080 pixels), you enter the exact pixel size of your screen into Q-Play.

If you on the other hand have three standard 16/9 screens, you can enter their total size, which would be 3 x 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels tall. Now you can start designing your screens as if they were one big screen.

So … What if you wanna do both? meaning using your three screens as one, but also sometimes showing individual content on each screen. With the Media List feature, this is entirely possible. With this feature, you can divide the screens and display anything from pictures, prices, and offers on each individual screen

The Why?

Why have a solution like we just described? Because it makes you special. It makes you stand out from your competitors and that leads to an increased sale

More specifically, you will, with a Q-Play digital signage solution like this be able to go from displaying your menu on-screen one, opening hours on-screen two, and offers on-screen three, to displaying one video on all screens at the same time. You are now shuffling between something completely normal that many have seen before and something special that will make your customers go Wow.

A solution like this will catch and hold the attention of customers and with the time management features in Q-Play, you can also tempt your customer with what they crave the most depending on the time of day. This could for example be a coffee in the morning and a delicious piece of cake in the afternoon.

Tv with menu
screen design examples

How Do I Get Started?

Like many of our other customers, you start by deciding what screens you want for your solution. Then you consider which media player should manage your content. The choice of media player should be based on the content you want to display. For a multiscreen solution like this, we would recommend one of our windows players.

At the same time, you can create your free Q-Play account. With this, you can design your screens, and set all of the time management schedules in place. Are you not up for doing it yourself, we also have professional designers ready to help you create the perfect design.

When you are ready to go public with your awesome design, you need to connect your Q-Play account to your digital signage screens. For this, you need a Q-Play Subscription.

To sum up …

Creating a multiscreen digital signage solution doesn’t have to be hard. It just has to be a matter of putting together standard screens and adding the right software. With Q-Play you get exactly that. A way to differentiate yourself from your competitors and increase your sales

Do like so many others have already done … Create a free Q-Play account or give us a call. We will help you find the right solution.

Digital price sign display price of pizza.


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