A Digital Price Sign Makes Your Life Easier!

Whether you are a restaurant, pizzeria, bakery, or any other food-selling venue, you most likely have prices and menus that change from time to time. When they do, how difficult is it to change all of your price signs?

When using Q-Play as a digital price sign you can easily make changes. From the online platform on your computer, you create the changes, and press release and now all your signs are updated. – It’s that easy!

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How Does a Q-Play Digital Price Sign Work?

You need 3 essential things for your digital price sign to work:

  1. A screen
  2. A media player
  3. A Q-Play subscription


No matter what types of screens you have, you connect them to Q-Play through a media player. When that is done, you control all of your digital price signs from the Q-Play platform, which you access through your computer no matter where you or your screens are. So changing your signs from the comfort of your couch, when the store is closed, is not a problem.

Instead of having to print new signs, you just log on to Q-Play, grab your menu and prices, design them so they look amazing, and share them with all your customers.

Digital price sign display price of pizza.
Small sigital price sign standing on counter top.

Why Have a Q-Play Digital Price Sign?

Because it saves you time and money… Having a digital sign that you can control remotely means that you can make changes to it every day if you want, and it helps you stay up to date. Now you can actually write what is on Today’s Special directly on the menu and change it the next day if you want. That is the freedom a cloud-based digital signage solution like Q-Play provides you. The freedom to make changes whenever you want.

The time management tools in Q-Play also make it possible for you to highlight special offers during the day or the week. Why use all of your prime space to promote your lunch offer, when lunch is long gone? Maybe you have a routine, where you change your signs depending on the time of day. Imagine how nice it would be for you and your staff if the signs just changed automatically.

So why have a Q-Play Digital Price Sign? Well, because it can be easily changed and the content can be time managed, saving you both time and money.

How To Get Started With a Q-Play Digital Price Sign?

Well, first of all, you need to create your free Q-Play account. Then you decide what types of screens you want.

Do you want big signs hanging on the walls or in the windows as you see in most pizza places? Do you want some smaller signs standing on your countertops as the one Norevent has placed in the Normansvej 1 canteen? Or, maybe you want both?

What it all really comes down to is the space of your restaurant and your budget.

When you know what signs you want, then you need to decide on what type of media player you would like to use. When you have chosen your player and connected it to your screens a connect code will appear. You enter the code into your Q-Play account and now you are all set to do the rest at home. Because, all that is left is to grab your content, design it, and share it with your customers.

Tv with menu

A Professional and Awesome Design?

If you are not up for creating your own designs, we have some excellent professional designers that are ready to help you. Together you can create beautiful designs that help promote your products in a way that makes it almost impossible for customers not to buy your product.

What Is The Price of a Q-Play Digital Price Sign?

The price of the screens is entirely dependent on what types of screens you choose. Then there is the price of the player. We have several types of players and which one you should choose depends on what other types of content you want to show besides your prices. Do you want pictures or videos? Read all about our players and decide for yourself, which one suits you the best.


Finally, there is the price for the Q-Play subscription. It is completely free to have a Q-play account. Designing your screens is no problem either. It is only when you want to connect your external screens to your Q-Play account that a subscription is required.

Money bill price

To sum up …

So to sum up. A digital price sign is a good idea because it gives you more freedom than your normal price sign. It saves you time and money by providing you with a platform, where you can time manage and make changes to your signs without having to order new ones at the printers all the time.


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