Q-Play Digital Signage – The right choice

With Q-Play you get so much more than just a screen with information. You get an intuitive and user-friendly online platform with endless possibilities. One system for the whole company, regardless of whether you want to display the same or different content on all screens.

Cloud Based Digital Signage

Q-Play is a cloud based digital signage solution that is quickly installed and easy to use. Regardless of your company size, you can easily get way too many IT systems to maintain. Q-Play is a digital signage solution, that can be used throughout the entire company. It doesn’t matter if you want to display KPIs dashboards, images, videos, or something entirely different. Q-Play can do it all.

The cloud based platform makes it possible for you to add as many users as you want to your company account. After installing the setup, you can easily delegate the task of creating and managing content to the individual department heads of your company, or maybe marketing can be in charge of them all – It is your choice.

No matter who manages the signage screens you can all access and manage the screens from your computer, regardless of how far from the screen you are. And, the many user management tools ensure that e.g. the sales team can’t access and change the screen for e.g. your warehouse.

You can read must more about cloud-based digital signage and get inspired on how to use Q-Play in your company on our blog.

cloud based digital signage

Collect your data in one place

Q-Play is app-based. Meaning you design your screens kinda like a PowerPoint, by dragging, dropping, and resizing apps to display your content.

One of the most popular apps is Web Automation. This app is used by companies like Visma Dinero, because it is perfect for displaying KPI’s dashboards and other content securely stored behind a login.

Several customers are already using it for things like PowerBi, Grafana, Zendesk, and many others.

Choose Your Hardware

You need a screen and a media player with digital signage software, no matter what digital signage solution you choose.

Choosing the Right Screen

You are the only one, who knows what type of screen fits your company best. Maybe you already have a specific brand you like to use?

It doesn’t matter as long, as your screen has an HDMI port it can be used as a digital sign.

But … this doesn’t mean, that we don’t have any recommendations for you.

Despite the fact, that you can use whatever screen you want, not all screens are suitable as signage screens. That is why, we always recommend, that you take a look at professional signage screens.

Choosing the Righ Media Player

As the little motor behind the screen running your digital signage solution, you need a Q-Play compatible media player.

Investing in the right player is key, and depends on the content you want to display. You can without a problem connect more than one type of player to your Q-Play account.

Download Your Player

As the knowledgeable IT person you are, you most definitely have an opinion on what hardware you prefer working with. That is why you have the option of downloading Q-Play to your preferred hardware.

You can get Q-Play for both Windows, Android, and Linux/Raspberry Pi. So all you have to do is dust off that old hardware box laying in the back of your drawer and install Q-Play.

Get a box

If you don’t have an old media player in the drawer, no problem, we have a plug-and-play solution for you.

Under hardware, you find three standard media players with Q-Play already installed. A low-end android player, which is perfect for content without pictures or videos, a medium-end Windows player perfect for regular video, pictures, and websites, and a High-end Windows player for when your videos and pictures should be of the best possible quality.

Which box you choose is completely up to you, and your content. All three boxes only need power, internet, and a screen. When they have that your signage solution is up and running.

When you receive your Q-Play player, you need to plug in the power, connect the to the internet either by WIFI or LAN (We recommend LAN), and insert the HDMI from your player into your screen. The player will automatically start up Q-Play, and shortly after you will see a 6-digit Connect Code. This code you use to connect your screen to your Q-Play account. It doesn’t get much more plug-and-play than that.


A Built-In Player

Sometimes there is just not enough room for an extra piece of hardware. That is why you also have the option of getting a built-in player. Our collaboration with LG and Sony Professional means that, if you invest in some specific types of their signage screens, you can download Q-Play directly to your new screen. You get a signage screen with built-in signage software.

Which player suits your solution best depends on the content you want to display. We would love you have a chat with you about exactly what you need.


Many signage screens are used to get a layout of the meetings of the day. Being able to not only integrate with different KPI systems but also different calendar systems is essential for any good signage software.

With Q-Cal you can integrate your calendar and design a layout of today’s meetings, which can be seen on all your signage screens. With a calendar integration, you and your colleagues use your calendar as normal, while Q-Cal ensures that your signage screens are automatically updated as the day progresses.

Q-Cal is also excellent for the effective management of meeting facilities.

Q-Cal Standard Calendar Integrations

Safety First

Being responsible for the company’s IT, safety is probably a big thing for you.

Keeping your information safe is super important to us. That is why you, especially with the Windows players, have several options for setting up your own safety measures. You can also connect your player to a VLAN thereby only allowing limited access. Furthermore, all communication between the player and the Q-Play server goes through encrypted SSL connections. The same goes for the communication between users and the Q-Play platform.

At the same time, there is a lot of safety measures ensuring that your digital signage solution runs stably and reliably. One of them is a cache ensuring, that if your player losses connection to the internet, the content will keep running. Meaning your screen will not go black unless you turn it off manually.

Customer Service… Ready to Help!

Even though you are a pro at IT, it may happen that even you need some help. Especially when working with a system, you have maybe never worked with before. Don’t worry we are always ready to help.

In our online HelpCenter, you can find all our guides 24/7. Here you can find e.g. how to set up players, how to integrate your calendar, and even how to design your digital signage.

If you, despite reading the guide, still need help our customer support team is just a phone call away all weekdays between. 8 AM and 4 PM.

This also means, that if you are unable to answer the question from your colleagues, you just get them to give us a call.

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Q-Play v2

Q-Play v1

Do you need help moving to Q-Play v2? Contact our support at [email protected] or at +45 71 92 62 22