SPORT 24 Makes In-Store Product Promotion Easy with Digital Signage

SPORT 24 is a significant player in the Danish activewear and sports equipment market. They are also a valued partner of different sports teams and companies because they supply them with branded products. With many different stores all around Scandinavia, SPORT 24 needed a smooth solution for pushing in-store marketing content.


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SPORT 24 is a Danish-owned sports apparel retail company that runs chains of physical stores and an online store. They have around 100 physical stores spread all around Denmark and a few in Iceland and the Faroe Islands.
They are running 3 types of physical stores SPORT 24 stores, SPORT 24 outlet, and SPORT 24 team which supplies the country’s sports teams with player uniforms.

Headquarters: Silkeborg, Denmark
Gross Profit: 321.910.000 DKK (2021)
Employees: 1500 (2021)

Easy Screen Management Across Multiple Stores

SPORT 24 implemented Q-Play Digital Signage in their stores as an in-store marketing tool. They use it to showcase their products in an interesting and lively way. With more than 100 physical stores a smart cloud-based digital signage solution, that makes content management easy, was needed. That is why SPORT 24 chose NordicScreen as their digital signage supplier.

With Q-Play SPORT 24 got an effective way of showcasing current campaigns and offers on products on in-store screens. At the same time, Q-Play allows for all product promotion and updates to be done remotely from the SPORT 24 headquarters.

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WOW effect where it matters

SPORT 24 is using different types of screens in different types of stores depending on what is the best fit for the individual store. However, they try to implement bigger-sized screens wherever they can to achieve a WOW effect and add volume to the store.

Digital signage allows you to make a real impression with your business. From luring potential customers inside your store by showcasing your show-stopping design to prolonging their stay inside your store by up to 30 percent!

Seller’s exceptional wingman

The in-store sellers are a crucial part of the SPORT 24 selling process. 

So SPORT 24 needs to provide its sales employees with tools they can use that will aid them in the selling process. 

Digital signage is helping SPORT 24 in showcasing the products in their best light which the in-store employees often take advantage of when making a sale or recommending specific products.

The screens are placed so customers first encounter them when entering the store. This is a great way to highlight particular products or sales offers. The second time the customers meet a screen is when heading to the cash register after deciding on making a purchase. Placing a screen behind the cash registry is an obvious opportunity to expose already interested customers to content that might make them buy and spend even more money in the store.

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Fitting campaigns always on time

With the scheduling option in Q-Play, SPORT 24 is always able to prepare its content ahead of time. When they are receiving new items or collections the headquarters simply sets up the campaign starting from the date when all the items will be stocked up and ready to go. On the day of release, there are no worries, and Q-Play will take care of updating the content on the screen in all the SPORT 24 stores.


When SPORT 24 needs to run a time-limited offer like black Friday for example, they just set the start and end date and the campaigns appear only during the specified time.

Ready to give a helping hand

Help is never far away. When working in Retail your communication needs to be spot on all the time, because you only have very limited time to impact the customer’s purchase decision. Having a signage screen not working as it should or displaying something wrong could be very bad for business. Having a support team ready to help is therefore important. That is why the NordicScreen support team was one of the factors in SPORT 24’s decision on working with NordicScreen.

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