Make facility management easy and efficient with a ProDVX screen combined with the Q-Cal Meeting Room Booker software.

ProDVX Green Screen

Effective management of facilities

Wasting time is no fun and is super annoying.

By combining the ProDVX hardware with the Q-Cal software, you invest in a meeting room booking solution that helps you waste less time and become more effective and streamlined in the way you use your meeting facilities.

Use the online Q-Cal platform to design the looks of your screens so they match the rest of your company brand, and with direct two-way integration to your company calendar, you eliminate double bookings, ghost meetings, and accidentally interrupting a meeting because you didn’t know it was taking place in that specific room.


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About ProDVX

ProDVX develops and produces high-quality and dependable hardware displays and touchscreens for digital communication.

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Supported models

  • ProDVX – 10SLB
  • ProDVX – 10SLBe
  • ProDVX – 10SLBWN
  • ProDVX – 10XPL

Technical information

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