Power Management

The power management feature is a way to optimize your digital signage game. Whether you’re a CEO aiming for operational efficiency or an IT manager looking to cut down on power expenses.

The Set up of a digital singage solution on a screen with an integrated player, using the IOT PowerPlug.
A digital signage solution using an external player and the IOT PowerPlug.
A sigital signage solution using an external player and the IOT 1-phase Relay.

Take Control of Your Power Usage

The power management feature consists of different power management tools that help you manage your power consumption. 

The tools are devices designed to simplify the way you manage the energy usage of your digital signage solution. By adding the IOT PowerPlug or IOT DIN Relay to your screen set up, you can remotely control and customize the scheduling of when your screen are on and off.

ABOUT Power Management
One of the bigger costs of a digital signage solution is its power consumption. Therefore the power management tools were developed to help offset this negative impact on your energy costs.

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The Ultimate Power Management Solution


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