The Ultimate Power Management Solution For Your Digital Signage

In the dynamic realm of digital signage, efficient power management can make a key difference. Whether you’re lighting up your office space, orchestrating engaging displays in a retail environment, or setting up LED billboards, get ready for two tools that not only boost efficiency but also put you in the driver’s seat of your energy consumption.

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The Impact on Operational Efficiency and Cost Savings

Say goodbye to power-related headaches! The IOT PowerPlug and IOT DIN Replay power management tools are designed to tackle challenges head-on, offering an easy-to-use solution that reduces energy costs and frees you from worrying about unplugging your digital signage screen.

The power management tools aren’t just cool gadgets; they are solutions that work and can help reduce the energy costs of your digital signage solution.

As an added benefit, there is no more accidentally leaving your KPIs visible on the screen all night.

Dashboard haning in the corner of an office
The Set up of a digital singage solution on a screen with an integrated player, using the IOT PowerPlug.
A digital signage solution using an external player and the IOT PowerPlug.
A sigital signage solution using an external player and the IOT 1-phase Relay.

Understanding Power Management

Let’s get technical. IOT PowerPlug and IOT DIN Replay are devices designed to simplify your life. With remote power control, energy optimization, customizable scheduling, and compatibility with all your Q-Play digital signage devices, consider them your digital signage power management wizards.

Installing the Power Management device is a breeze, ensuring it seamlessly integrates with your existing hardware and software. It’s about making your digital signage smarter without the hassle.

The IOT PowerPlug

The IOT PowerPlug is a small device where you insert the electrical plug from your signage screen before plugging it into your electrical outlet. Connect the IOT PowerPlug to your wifi, enter its serial number in your Q-Play account, and set up your timetable for when your screen should be on/off, and you are ready.

This solution is perfect for smaller digital signage setups, with a few screens where you want to turn the screens completely off when they are not in use.

screen design examples
IOT PowerPlug for manageming your power consumtion.
Commercial billboard managed from Q-Play.
IOT DIN 1 Phase and IOT DIN 3 Phase power management devices

The IOT DIN Relay

The IOT DIN Relay comes in a 1-phase or 3-phase option and is meant for more advanced digital signage setups.

The 3-phase IOT DIN Relay is primarily used for large LED billboards, whereas the 1-phase option is recommended for more traditional digital signage setups.

Common for both IOT DIN Replays is that they are a more technical installation, placed in the electric relay of your solution. Here you add the device to the electrical group that runs your solution. Add a LAN cable to the IOT DIN relay to connect it to the internet, enter the device’s serial number in your Q-Play account, set up your timetable for when your screen should be on/off, and you are ready.


The Why of It All

In a nutshell, the power management tools are set to optimize your digital signage game. Whether you’re a CEO aiming for operational efficiency or an IT manager looking to cut down on power expenses, we have your back.

Ready to explore the potential? Reach out, ask questions, and let us demonstrate how Power Management can elevate your digital signage experience. It’s time to power up and take control.



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