Multi-Display Signage

Multi-Display Signage is a new way to communicate and decorate. Whether you’re looking to captivate shoppers, inform employees, or simply enhance your environment, this solution provides the tools to do so in an innovative, visually striking manner.

Three screens signage screens put together to function as one screen.

Where Creativity Meets Functionality

This feature allows you to combine two or more screens, crafting a singular, expansive digital canvas that displays a unified design across multiple units. Break the mold and extend your creative horizons, turning your digital signage into both an information hub and a piece of art.

With Multi-Display Signage, the setup is straightforward yet impactful. Mount two or more TV screens side by side and utilize our intuitive design tool to create a singular, wide-spanning visual. When activated, each screen displays a portion of the whole design, seamlessly integrating to present one large, cohesive image. This feature is engineered to work flawlessly with all NordicScreen digital signage solutions, ensuring compatibility across a broad spectrum of hardware.

Why Choose Multi-Display Signage?

Transformative Visual Experience: Elevate your space by combining multiple displays into one vast, engaging visual spectacle.

Creative Flexibility: Unleash your creativity with the ability to craft unique, eye-catching displays that go beyond traditional digital signage capabilities.

Seamless Integration: Designed to complement existing NordicScreen products, this feature integrates effortlessly into your current setup, providing a standard, user-friendly experience across various devices.

ABOUT Multi-Display Signage
To help digital signage users create signage solutions that are both functional and good-looking.

Multiscreen Digital Signage


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