Digital Signage …
An Essential Tool For Your Marketing Department

With a digital signage solution, the work of your marketing team becomes easier, because now you have a tool to easily control both your internal and external communication.

Digital Signage For Your External Communication

With a Q-Play Digital Signage solution in your store, showroom ect. the possibilities are endless. Bronuts uses their solution as a digital price sign. They started with one screen in one store, and now they have at least one screen in each of their stores. Why?

Because, it makes life easier. With a cloud based signage solution like Q-Play you can easily manage the content on your screens, while also minimizing your cost on printed materials. Making your communication more efficient and less expensive.

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Do like SPORT 24

In every SPORT 24 store you will find a screen with Q-Play. Marketing Coordinator Rikke Ilkjær explains in the video, how the Q-Play solution makes it possible for her to manage campaigns, promotions and other marketing activities in all of their stores, from the comfort of her office.

The solution creates life in the stores, which is of great pleasure for both customers and employees.

Q-Play has helped Rikke and SPORT 24 become more efficient in their marketing, while not being bound by a specific type of hardware.

Collect your data in one place

Q-Play is app-based. Meaning you design your screens kinda like a PowerPoint, by dragging, dropping, and resizing apps to display your content.

One of the most popular apps is Web Automation. This app is used by companies like Visma Dinero, because it is perfect for displaying KPI’s dashboards and other content securely stored behind a login.

Several customers are already using it for things like PowerBi, Grafana, Zendesk, and many others.

You are welcome to have a look at our Web Automation Webinar, where you can exactly how the app works.

The process of turning your signage screen in to an auto-updating dashboard.
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Make Internal Communication easy

Do you actually read the printed papers on the bulletin board?

Most people don’t, which can make life as a marketing employee very frustrating. A digital signage solution can help you eliminate some of these frustrations.

Screens attract attention especially when the content is changing and moving. Well placed screens in e.g. the cafeteria can greatly increase the chances of people actually reading the news you put up.

Q-Play makes your job of distributing the information easier. With Q-Play you control all of your screens aka bulletin boards from your computer. Here you can easily put up any kind of information like pictures, birthdays, or internal news alongside your KPIs.

All you have to do is grab your information, design it by dragging and drop of apps, and share it with your colleagues. The different time management features will definitely help you save time because you become more efficient in your work.


Q-Play v2

Q-Play v1


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