In Need of a Digital Check-In Solution?

It is February 2022 and in Denmark, the pandemic restrictions are coming to an end. People are getting back to work in their offices and physical meetings have yet again become something we attend. Simultaneously we have seen a 38% increase in the amount of SMS’ sent from our customer’s digital check-in solutions and numbers are rising.

A digital check-in solution provides you with a modern and efficient way to greet guests, ensuring they know exactly where to go. While letting the employees know their guests have arrived, so they can go greet them, a check-in solution also unnecessary human contact, preventing the spread of the virus.

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How does a Digital Check-In solution work?

The Q-Cal Check-in is a visitor management solution  – a small touch screen where the visitor taps on the needed service. For example, if the visitor has a meeting with a specific employee, the person taps on the employee’s name or picture and automatically sends a notification mail or SMS that the visitor has arrived and is ready to be picked up. With a NordicScreen Check-In solution, the guests do not have to talk to different people before finding the right person. They are received directly by the person they are visiting, and all the other employees avoid unnecessary distractions.

If there are unexpected guests there is a solution for that too. The unannounced guest can click on the “without appointment” button and he will be picked up by the person who got the notification, a person that is defined to receive unexpected guests you can even add the phone number of one employee, so they can be contacted directly by a phone call. 

The Check-in solution can be used also for freight forwarders – they can have an overview of the entire building and be guided to the right point without distracting employees unnecessarily.

Q-Cal visitor management system in lobby.

Why do I need a Check-in solution?

The Check-in solution is a smart tool that saves everybody’s time – it takes less time to press the button and get in contact with the right person than having to talk to a receptionist. You can even save money by not building reception and not hiring a receptionist. The Check-in solution is not only smart but also a professional and modern way to stand out from the crowd.

Last but not least, the Check-in solution manages the pandemic situation and allows you to run your business as normal with all employees at the office and by having guests knowing that you are preventing the spread of the virus in a smart way.

How to Get Started?

We recommend the first thing to do is to have a look at our how to get started guide. Then when you are ready you should book a meeting with one of our experts. The visitor management solution can be used in many different ways e.g. registration of parking, meeting overview, active map functions, and many more integrations that you can benefit from.

Q-Cal visitor management screen in full height.

A Professional and Awesome Design?

An ugly-designed check-in solution doesn’t yell WELCOME in a way that creates positive reactions. That is why we have a professional graphic designer ready to help you create a check-in design, that not only corresponds to your company but also provides your guest with a warm and stylish welcome.

What Does It Cost?

The price for the Q-Cal Check-In solution depends on you. Depending on how many screens you have and how many subscriptions you need for your solution. Q-Cal the motor for your check-in solution is a versatile tool with different features that you can use both for meeting room booking and a digital signage solution.

Money bill price

In Short …

A Q-Cal Check-In solution definitely reduces unnecessary distractions during working hours and manages efficiently everybody’s time, but also helps to prevent the spread of the virus. It is an efficient and modern way to greet your guest.


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