4 Reasons to Combine Your i3-Technologies Solution and Digital Signage

Why have your i3-Technologies screen go black, when it is not in use? By combining your i3-technologies solutions with a digital signage solution you can create a more engaging and efficient learning environment that promotes collaboration, communication, and accessibility both during and in between classes.

Here you will find 5 reasons why, you need a combined solution.

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Improved Communication

An i3-Technologies solution provides your classroom with a more interactive and collaborative way to teach and learn. The touch screen means that you and your students can physically engage with the teaching material by drawing, writing, and manipulating objects directly on the screen, thereby stimulating the students’ visual, audial, and tactile senses. At the same time, the screen can be customized to the individual classroom, teacher, and lesson.

But what about during recess? In between classes, this awesome and valuable tool turns into a screen saver with no purpose other than to wait for the next class.

By installing digital signage software directly on your i3-Technologies touchscreen, you can turn your screen saver into a usable dynamic communications platform.

With a cloud-based digital signage solution you can tailor the content displayed on your screens when they are not in use. Here you can display lecture schedules, announcements, homework hand-in dates, and much more.
This way you are creating a more effective communication system for your school both during class and recess.

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Enhanced Engagement

Combining digital signage and i3-technologies can help you enhance the learning experience of your students. How? – by providing students with a more interactive, personalized, and engaging learning environment.

A digital signage solution helps you capture students’ attention by displaying dynamic and eye-catching content such as images, videos, and animations. Showcasing students’ work and achievements can help promote a sense of pride and accomplishment, increasing the student’s motivation for making an effort with their school work.

At the same time, the i3-technologies touchscreen brings interactive elements to your teaching through digital whiteboards, multi-sensory learning, customization, and much more that make learning more engaging and immersive.

The touchscreen also opens up opportunities for introducing interactive games and quizzes as part of your lessons. Making learning more fun and engaging. Here the digital signage software can help you display leaderboards and game-related content during recess, encouraging healthy competition and motivating students to participate.

Overall, this can help you increase student motivation and engagement, which can ultimately lead to improved academic performance.

Real-Time Updates

With a combined i3-Technologies and Digital Signage solution, you can provide your students with real-time updates. This means that both during and in between classes your students and teachers will get the latest information and updates quickly and easily, directly in their classroom.

Time management features in digital signage software like Q-Play ensure, that your content will be taken down automatically when they are no longer relevant. With the many integration options available, the content on the screen will update automatically. This means that the schedule for the day automatically removes the lectures that have already been held. And, if changes should happen, this will also automatically be displayed on the screens.

Updated content helps to keep students engaged and motivated by relevant content, and it means the end of overflooded bulletin board with news that was relevant 2 months ago.

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Cost-Effective and Versatile

By combining your classroom i3-Technologies screen and your digital signage you become more cost-effective and versatile. Why? Because you reduce printing costs, centralize control, and enable scalability.

With a digital signage solution, your old bulletin board becomes obsolete, and you will no longer have to print news and hang them up. You simply have to remotely update your screens.

At the same time, remote access to your screens provides you with a centralized solution, where you manage everything from content to downtime remotely from your computer. thereby reducing the need for multiple staff members or IT personnel to manage individual displays or devices. This can save you time, money, and resources.

This type of cloud-based solution also provides you with increased scalability. The number of subscriptions for your digital signage can easily be scaled up or down to meet your school’s needs and budget. You can start with a small installation and gradually expand it over time as your needs and resources evolve.

The Conclusion

So you should combine your i3-Technologies solution with a digital signage solution because it helps you improve your communication, enhance engagement, provides you with real-time update options, and makes you more cost-effective and versatile.

Furthermore, the collaboration between i3-Technologies and NordicScreens makes it even easier for you to get your combined solution up and running.

Due to the collaboration, the digital signage software Q-Play can be directly downloaded on your i3-Technologies screen and help you harvest the unused potential of your screen saver during recess’. The screen will automatically detect that it is not in use and automatically trigger a switch over to the Q-Play software, which will start displaying your digital signage content.

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