Turn your Barco ClickShare screen saver into a digital signage platform with the Q-Play digital signage software directly integrated on your ClickShare solution.

TV screen with Q-Play digital signage design and ClickShare hardware

Turn your screen saver into a digital signage solution with Q-Play

Q-Play x Barco ClickShare

Combining the Q-Play digital signage software with your Barco ClickShare solutiony gives you are way to fully utilize the potential of your meeting room screens.

Inform, engange and collaborate through your ClickShare, also, when you are not using it. The screen saver of your ClickShare is valuable scree-real-estate, and with a Q-Play digital signage integration, you can take full advantage of that. 

With the cloud-based digital signage solutionyou can design your own screen saver, to help convay important messages your your team.

When ever your ClickShare reverts to it’s screen saver, it will automatically start displaying your signage content. And by using the online digital signage platform, you combine your content into useful information boards. Use the player to display your content on your screen.


With your Barco ClickShare as a player, you are able to put together a vast variety of content in order to provide you and your target audience with relevant messages.

Furthermore, with all NordicScreen solutions being cloud-based, you can manage your content and screens directly from your computer, no matter how many signage screens you have or where they are located.

The many time management options available in Q-Play also ensure automatic updates of your content.

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About Barco

Barco developed ClickShare as a way for people to better collaborate and participate simultaneously during meetings in meeting rooms.

Supported Models

Barco ClickShare cx-20

Barco ClickShare cx-30

Barco ClickShare cx-50

Technical information

Need a player?

If you don’t already have a player at hand, check out the webshop and find the one that fits your needs.


Q-Play v2

Q-Play v1

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