Direct Booking

You probably have a corporate calendar system already and of course you can integrate your calendar with our system, but why not cut out the middleman and use Q-Cal as the awesome system that it is?

Manual Booking

Q-Cal is a calendar system that has several different integrations options, but it can also do so much more.

When you read Calendar you probably only think of meetings and events. But, Q-Cal is actually a system in which you can store all kinds of information.

No matter how you use the system, you can easily sign in and manually book a meeting room, update the birthday calendar or enter today’s special in the canteen directly in the Q-Cal platform


User management

More than one user controlling your solution? – Of course!
With more than one user for your Q-Cal solution, you can easily collaborate with your colleagues across location and devices.

With multiple users in Q-Cal you can let your employees sign in to your company account and book their meetings directly in the Q-Cal system.

The multiple users also makes it possible for you to share the work when designing your perfect calendar set up. With different users you can collaborate on how to design your calendar and your SignageViews , Meeting Room Displays , or Check-In solution so they look good and correspond with the overall image of your company.

With the user management features everyone can pitch in and help create the best solution for your company.