The designer's guide to a beautiful digital signage

You don’t have to be a designer to create a beautiful layout for your digital signage. By following these simple steps, you learn some effective ways to make your layout look good, and be consistent with your business’ brand.

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Use your colors and typography

To make your design consistent with your brand, personalize your digital signage by using your brand colors and typography. You can select colors for some of the apps you’re using. All you need is the hex code for your brand color to replace the standard color, and then you’re good to go.

Having a consistent font is also highly recommended. Especially if it is the font you normally use for your brand in other aspects of your communication. If you cannot find your preferred font in Q-Play, you can upload it yourself.

Now that you have uploaded your font, you can use it within all apps, where there is text.

Smart TV mounted on wall with Q-Play digital signage layout
Digital signage screen with comercial

Less is more

One thing you shouldn’t do is cram all your content into one slide. The beautiful thing about Q-Play is you can have all the slides and presentations you want, so it’s better to let the layout of a single slide breathe. Meaning that it’s better to only display two to five apps on one slide. If you use too many apps on a single slide, your target audience might get distracted because they don’t know what to focus on.


Also remember it’s okay that there’s some space between your elements. It makes it easier for the eye to separate them.

Alignment matters

Now that you’ve minimized the number of elements on a single slide, it’s time to make those elements look good beside each other. An easy way to do that is by aligning the elements on the screen with each other. This helps add some balance to the layout.


Aligning your design both horizontally and vertically helps guide the eyes looking at your design. This makes your design seem more balanced and visually appealing.

Tv with menu
screen design examples

Get inspired

Maybe you simply don’t know where to start with your digital signage. That’s alright because inside Q-Play you have access to a library of templates that can help inspire you in your design process. Be warned if you click on one of the templates it will wipe out your current layout, so take a look at them on an empty slide.

Feeling lost?

That’s okay! If you think all of the above is a lot of work, and you just don’t feel like doing it yourself, fret not! Reach out to [email protected] and get a quote on having your layout designed by a professional.



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