Integrate your data, create a good-looking design, combine it with other features, and share on digital signage screens, websites and/or conference room scheduling displays.

Bring life to your data

Using SCP (SSH) protocols to integrate your data with the Q-Cal software, you turn your data into a communications tool. Based on your preferences, you can combine your data into a useful design. This design can then be shared on signage screens, websites, and/or meeting room booking displays, in order to provide you and your target audience with much-needed information.


Create the perfect solution, that fits your needs. With automatic updates, the integration ensures that you always have the latest information. With all NordicScreen solutions being cloud-based, you can manage your content and designs directly from your computer

About SCP (SSH)

It is a specific protocol that can be used for transporting your data from one system to another.

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