Teaching Session


By purchasing a teaching session, you better understand your solution and the system you use to manage it. We will help you to get started, and together we’ll take a closer look at the system’s key features.

A teaching session is ideal for you, who may not have been part of the initial process regarding your solution, or for you, who would like to better understand the system’s tips and tricks before delving into designing the solution for your company.

During a teaching session, we delve further into your specific solution and the systems you will be using. Among other things, we will go through:

  • How to log in for the first time
  • User management and user roles
  • How to create your designs
  • Walk through of your specific design and setup
  • How to connect your screen
  • Walk through of the media library
  • Special features of the system
  • Walk through of the online support center

Duration: maximum 1 hour

1.600,00 kr.

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