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Real-time data visualization on your digital signage screens is no longer a fantasy. Directly integrate your PowerBI data on your digital signage screen with the PowerBI app for Q-Play V2.

Effortlessly display your Data

Having your important data right at hand provides you with different benefits in your day-to-day work.

First of all, you get your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) right at hand ensuring that you and your team are always up to date on the latest numbers and working in the same direction.

Secondly, you can make quick but data-founded decisions. Having your data right at your fingertips ensures that your decisions correspond with the evidence seen in the data, making it easier for you to make real-time decisions. No more juggling between platforms to find the right information, which in the end will save you time and thereby maybe even money.

By combining PowerBI and digital signage you get the best of both worlds, you have your data right at hand, but you also get the flexibility of the signage platform. You can easily tailor your content to match a specific day or date, you can add more soft values next your KPIs, and even display what you are having for lunch in the canteen. One size doesn’t fit all in the world of business, so why not create a solution that can be customized and grow with your company?

Ensuring Data Security

We get it – security is a top concern. Rest assured, we take the protection of your sensitive business data seriously. Our robust security measures ensure that your information is in safe hands.

All data in relation to your PowerBI information is being handled encrypted, and you also have the option of putting up your own IP-restrictions.

PowerBI app logo

An interactive data visualization tool that combines data from multiple data platforms and allows you to share your business insights.


As easy as 1-2-3

1. Step one

In Q-Play under integrations you enter your PowerBI sin-in information.

2. Step two

Insert the link to the repport you wanna display and give it a name.

3. Step three

Let Q-Play fetch the information from PowerBI and start using it in your digital signage design.


Q-Play v2

Q-Play v1

Do you need help moving to Q-Play v2? Contact our support at [email protected] or at +45 71 92 62 22